Soul Crash Tips and Battle Strategies

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Soul Crash

In Soul Crash, there are so many power-ups to collect and use against deadly opponents, there are many more fun aspects to take advantage of and so these tips and tricks will help you know Soul Crash better.

Soul Crash Battle Tips

Soul Crash is a bit different than other role-playing games - much easier, in fact. All you need is timing to execute battle commands. The core gameplay aspect of the game is the use of three special commands to unleash maximum damage to your opponents.

Soul Crash Battle Strategies

  • Your hero and the villain fight against each other while you wait for orbs to fill up. After a few seconds, the small circles, called "Soul Orbs", start to fill up slowly.
  • Once they fill up to a certain threshold, certain commands get activated.
  • You will have to press the active command(s) to release devastating combos that can severely damage enemy health.
  • You need to be quick to press these command buttons. Even if half of the orb gets filled, you activate the Tag command.

What Purpose Do Commands Serve?

The commands help you unleash destructive combos and tag with your friends. Here's a brief explanation for each command:

Soul Crash Battle Strategies

1. Tag Command:

This command helps you forge an alliance with your teammates. You just need to wait until half of an orb fills up.

When you press this command, some of your teammates jump into battle and defend enemy attacks. This can be an excellent strategy to give a sound chase to your opponents.

When your character attacks and throws away the enemy, click on the tag to continue bashing him.

Your teammate will carry on the attacks, giving your opponent no chance for a counter attack.

2. Counter Command

This command gets unlocked once an orb gets filled up completely. Counter is actually a defensive command that can be very useful for deflecting soul attacks from enemies.

3. Soul Command

This can be quite destructive and is potent enough to shatter the enemy soul attack. Once two orbs get filled up, this command gets unlocked.

When clicked, the command deals mighty blows and damages to your opponents. It also avoids any enemy soul attacks successfully, flinging him into the air. While using soul attack, try to click on the tag command – It will unleash a combo, inflicting more damage to your enemy.

How to Make the Most Out of Player Stats?

In Soul Crash, you will see a separate stats page after you complete a battle. The stats or attributes page allows you to select a stat, which will boost your attack or defense power. Currently, there are 4 stats that you can take advantage of:

Soul Crash Battle Strategies

1. Defense

If you select this attribute, you will avoid more damages. The defense stats help you successfully defend your character and increase your HP.

2. Attack

Selecting this set of attributes boosts your chances of attacks. Your opponent will take more damage.

3. Evade

You can evade opponent attacks more effectively if you select this skill set. It also ups he chances of parry attacks.

4. Hit%

Choosing this attribute set ups the chances of hitting through the opponent guard.

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