Soul Crash Guide: Best Stats and Build

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Soul Crash

You have 4 major categories of stats that you can put into your Soul Crash character as you are advancing through into Soul Crash. This guide will help you through your path of character development to help you figure out a Soul Crash character build that best suit your playing style.

Basic Soul Crash Character Stats Explained

The four basic stats available in game are as followed: Attack, Defense, Hit, and Evade. Here will go through each of these categories to help you plan out your Soul Crash build:

Soul Crash Stats and Build Guide


Attack let you deal more damage per hit and increase little amount of Guard Crash Chance. Because of its ability to deal more damage with the attack stats, this stat should be your main focus no matter which sub stat that you choose to improve.


Defense increases your maximum amount of HP health points. In addition, you will be able to take in less damage as well as see an increase for parrying attacks. This stat is essential to improve the durability of your character in battle. With low defense, you will die easily because of lesser HP and defense.


Increases your chance of landing a hit by penetrating guard in Soul Crash. It also increase Guard Crash Chance. However, this stat is pretty dependent on the level differences between your and your opponent. When you fight players of similar level as you, you will have less chance of activating Hit. While battling a lower level player will improve trigger chance.


Evade helps you to parry attacks in game which means that you will avoid the damage completely. This effect is similar to Hit%. It functions similarly to how Hit works. The Evade stat will trigger more often against lower level players, and lesser with players same or higher level than you in Soul Crash. It should be noted that parrying in Soul Crash can also increase your Soul Orb bar fill.

Best Soul Crash Builds Analyzed

In Soul Crash, there are a few paths that you can go for in game. Hre will go over the best build for you to win consistently at end game.

Soul Crash Stats and Build Guide

The ratio of your stats should be Attack:Defense:Hit:Evade = 4:2:2:1

You want to focus primarily on the attack stats to deal the most damage possible against your opponents. By able to deal damage effectively and quickly, you can kill Soul Crash players with levels below and higher than you. However, you should put some points into Defense to boost your Health count as well as defense.

The argument of Hit is a little harder. However, the point of putting Hit stats is to break enemy Guards. You should always aim for the attacker build that can fit well against enemy Evade. Lastly, you should still put some evade in to handle different situations.

You can also put the Evade stat into either Defense or Hit to achieve the stat: 4:3:2:0 or 4:2:3:0.

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