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Soul Crash

Here is a complete list of all Soul Crash tips, tricks and guides that players can find below. List might also include other posts related to the game like major news or updates, F.A.Q.s, game fixes and more.

Note: We will keep update everyday, so keep attention!

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Soul Crash Tips and Battle Strategies >>

In Soul Crash, there are so many power-ups to collect and use against deadly opponents, there are many more fun aspects to take advantage of and so these tips and tricks will help you know Soul Crash better. 

Soul Crash Guide: Character Stats Build >>

Stats building will shape your character according to your taste. To allocate stats points, click the "+" button next to the stat/s you want to increase after winning a battle. You can also check your current stats in the character "My Info" window.

  • Stats or Attributes Explained
  • Attacker, Defender and Balanced Builds!

Soul Crash Tips & Cheats for Better Playing >>

Here are some tips, tricks and info for Soul Crash online action RPG browser game. Refer here to learn how to approach the game and lead on through the leaderboards early game! This guide will cover some basics for newbies and some tricks for advanced players.

  • Rewards and Bonuses
  • Hiring Friends
  • Stats Guide

Enchantment In-Depth Guide >> 

Enchanting gears will improve your performance and win more battles! You'll get cool visual effects too. Read on to learn how to enchant your weapon and where to collect the requirements for enchanting!

  • Enchantments and Requirements
  • How to Enchant Weapons or Gears

How to Get Winning Streaks or Straight Wins >>

This guide will help Soul Crash players how to gain winning streaks and to understand the real bonuses behind it! Read on to learn how to reduce your losses and gain more stats for your characters and builds!

  • The Secret Behind the Streaks
  • Gain more Wins to Gain more Stats

How to Win or Defeat Boss Fights >> 

When you are about to reach level 10, you are no longer allowed to fight other teams and move on to the next level until you have defeated the first boss battle! Refer below to learn how to defeat Boss fights like Terri T, Sobek the soul guardian of Mistral and Hanzo the merciless.

  • Recommendations and Tips

Soul Crash Review: Let You Fight >> 

Soul Crash, a game that actually feels like a fighting game, and its features point to a day when playing a version of Street Fighter may be feasible for Facebook.



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