Stormfall: Age of War Guide: Scroll Trading

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Once you build a House of Scrolls, you will receive a new Scroll every 24 hours. You can either check the House of Scrolls or the Scribe to see which new Scroll you have been given. Scrolls can sold, used or exchanged with other players at the Market. It is best to use these scrolls to research Lost Arts rather than selling them for resources.

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Side Note: The House of Scrolls can be upgraded to reduce the research time of all Lost Arts. Here are some tips to use Scrolls efficiently and effectively.

Stormfall: Age of War Scroll Trading

#1. Avoid "Wasted" Scrolls

You will receive a new Scroll each day, but only for the very next Lost Art(s) that you have not yet unlocked. For example, if you have just unlocked the Lost Art of Composite Bow you will be given a scroll for Bran's Seal each day.

You will continue to be given Bran's Seal Scrolls until you finally unlock it. This particular Lost Art needs Bran's Seal Scroll 1 and Bran's Seal Scroll 2 in order to be unlocked. Individual Lost Arts can require up to 20 different Scrolls to unlock (Wyverns & Dragons). Make sure you unlock each Lost Art as soon as you have the correct amount/type of scrolls to do so.

Stormfall: Age of War Scroll Trading

#2. Exchanging Scrolls

Exchanging Scrolls with other players makes it easier to obtain the scrolls you need. Horsemanship for example, requires 6 different Scrolls to unlock. Let's say you have 6 Scrolls; Horsemanship Scrolls 1-5, and an additional Horsemanship Scroll 3. You can trade your extra Scroll 3 to another player for his/her Horsemanship Scroll 6.

You can check Scroll trade offers in the Market and if no trade is available you can create your own. People will generally only trade if they are getting similar or rarer Scrolls in the trade. You won't be able to get a Horsemanship scroll by trading a Divine Blades Scroll. It is possible to get lucky with a favorable trade offer such as this, but it is not likely.

Stormfall: Age of War Scroll Trading

#3. Progression

Getting further through the Lost Art tree allows you to create much better units. Producing powerful units is much better than buying them at the Black Market or trying to get some from Battlegrounds as Spoils of War. In addition to this, you can unlock better resource facilities in the later levels such as the Spring of Life and the Forge.

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