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Stormfall: Age of War is a medieval-themed strategy game on Facebook. Developed by Plarium, the game allows gamers to build their own empire, wage war against computer-controlled rival kingdoms and battle against other players. Combining history with a fantasy setting, Stormfall: Age of War presents a story full of magic and intrigue.

Stormfall: Age of War Review

Stormfall: Age of War's gameplay will remind you of old school strategy games like Age of Empires and Might & Magic. It follows the age-old base-building/resource-gathering game mechanics, allowing players to build their own military and resource-generating structures. A fully-voiced tutorial explains bare-basics of the game with the help of simple quests. You may wish to ignore those quests, but there are so many structures to get familiar with that it becomes impossible to progress through the game without completing the tutorial mode. Each structure plays a key role in strengthening your defenses and the military. Some structures will also allow you to recruit magical units and legendary monsters like dragons, warlocks, wyverns and warlocks. It is important to identify with each structure and their use to ensure you extract key resources (iron, food, gold) for recruiting units and building key defense structures. Stormfall: Age of War's research tree also plays an important role. Known as Lost Arts, the tech tree not only lets you research new weapons and structures, but also special powers and abilities that may help you in the long run. Without it, you won't be able to upgrade their units, research new weapons and unlock new buildings.

Stormfall: Age of War Review 

Battles in the Stormfall universe take place asynchronously. You can "raid" (attack) a computer-controlled enemy encampment or a player's empire simply by bringing up the in-game map and clicking on the enemy castle/dungeon. There aren't any real-time animated battles, which I found to be quite disappointing. There should have been at least a turn-based battle a la Civilization, but developers chose a unique, yet simple battle mechanic. All you need to do is attack a castle, wait for your trained troops to reach the castle (a timer shows how long will take to raid the enemy establishment) and then get a report informing whether you have won the battle or have been defeated. Interaction is not necessary. Raids will take place in the background while you prepare putting up your defenses to avoid getting attacked by other players. While the battle system seems quite easy and interesting, animated combat would have certainly been more fun.

Stormfall: Age of War Review

Stormfall: Age of War's social features are quite similar to other strategy games on Facebook. A refreshing social aspect is the inclusion of a real-time chat system which allows players to converse while playing. Another interesting feature is the addition of "Wraiths" - a fun social mechanic that turns your Facebook friends to powerful mythical creatures. You can summon them to strengthen your army and win battles against enemies. You can also seek an alliance with other players and trade resources and weapons with them by clicking on their castles. Adding friends is crucial as they will up the win percentage in battles and also help you acquire more resources.

Stormfall: Age of War Review

Stormfall: Age of War presentation is quite stunning and the interface very easy to use. Tutorial quests will help you get accustomed to various options. Every option, from building and research buttons to quests are neatly tucked at their right places, allowing for easy interaction. The interface has a professional polish and is quite clutter-free. On the other hand, the visuals seem a bit dated. The retro look will remind you of '90s strategy games. The current generation of Facebook strategy games is graphically more appealing to the eye than Stormfall.

Stormfall: Age of War is a decent strategy title. However, it would have been more interesting had developers added a robust battle system. An animated real-time combat or a turn-based battle system would be a great addition. I found combat too simple. Stormfall: Age of War actually gives more importance to base-building and research than combat as most of the tutorial quests are centered on various structures, units and technology tree. Among social elements, the alliance system and the ability to summon powerful units via Facebook friends is a welcome addition to the game. While there are many modern-age strategy games on Facebook, a medieval-themed strategy game was missing. Stormfall filled the void and although the game suffers from a few flaws, it does offer fun gameplay moments.

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