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How to best describe StreetRally? It's part Need For Speed, part Grand Theft Auto and all Fun Facebook games… they're fun, they're addictive; but are sorely lacking in the racing department. Enter StreetRally, which provides an excellent street racing style experience for Facebook users. The Estonian development team responsible for Streetrally has dedicated quite a lot of time and energy toward bringing Facebook users a superior street racing game, which is currently in an open source beta development phase. The game itself plays like a cross between Need for Speed and the first couple of Grand Theft Auto titles (with their overhead camera angles). The game also features an extensive array of licensed cars to play around with. While it’s true that the current build of the game could certainly use some additional features, what’s already present is enjoyable and at times, even outstanding.

In the game, you assume the role of a fresh-faced street racer that's on the rise, complete with ambitions to dominate the sport. When you start out (as with other racing titles) you have only limited funds with which to purchase a racing machine, so you are relegated to one of the beginner models. As you garner more wins, you'll earn more money, which in turn leads to better and better automobiles (certainly a familiar concept).

In between races you can also gawk at expertly rendered versions of real-world machines (like the Ford Mustang or Audi TT) in the showrooms. However, during races you will be permanently resigned to an overhead perspective. In terms of gameplay, the controls are a bit unresponsive at times and could use a slight tweak; but once you get used to them (and using the arrow keys to steer) everything is fine (note * the quality of the controls is dependant on the quality of your keyboard).

Location-wise, races take place in a variety of locations, most known for their real life street racing scenes (Miami Beach is a standout location, for example). Game progress is measured via a series of checkpoints, which need to be quickly and artfully negotiated. This kind of system demands that drivers stay within the boundaries of each course; however, if you find yourself frequently missing checkpoints you’ll lose that particular lap. This can be annoying at first, but it is not without its merits.

In lieu of these minor concerns StreetRally is still an extremely pleasing game, and despite its early stage of development it plays very well. The controls and various modes of play are still being fleshed-out; the final version will be much more refined, according to the developers. This could be the first truly great racing game that’s been especially designed for Facebook users.

StreetRally is leaving the beta stage (of development) and enters its final developmental phase in June. Visit the official site of the game for more information and to get development updates.



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