StreetRivals : Rise Up from the Gutters. Don't be Homeless!

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The economic crisis has finally caught up to you - you have lost your job and now live on the streets, looking through other people's garbage to survive. No reason to panic! Form a gang with your friends, fight against other dossers, do stupid pranks, find a pet and collect bottles off the streets for money. Rise up from the gutters and conquer cities all over the world. You may be homeless, but powerless? Never!


These are your basic skills. The more skill points you put on a skill, the better you are at it. Junk, weapons, pets, homes and workplaces give bonuses to certain skills.

Determines how well you hit and how much damage you do in a fight. Attack weapons, junk and pets may grant bonuses; alcohol gives penalties.

Determines how hard you are to hit in a fight and how much damage you take. Defense weapons, junk, pets and homes may grant bonuses; alcohol gives penalties.

This skill represents your ability to look pitiful. The higher the pitifulness, the higher the value of donations you receive. Workplaces, junk, pets and a high BAC may grant bonuses.

Luck is a skill used exclusively for missions, and no other skill has any influence at all on the chances to succeed in a mission. Missions have a basic chance of success – Luck raises those chances.

Agility lets you salvage more bottles when you are collecting and cleaning them. It also raises your chances to find junk while collecting trash.


Music raises the amount of money you receive when you have an instrument equipped. Since this doesn't require any Energy or any administrative action on your part, it's an easy way to a steady income.

Skill points distribution
Each time you level up, you get 2 new skill points to freely distribute to any of your skills. Simply go to the "Skills" menu in your profile, distribute the points and click "apply" to confirm your choice.

Work Place
Workplaces add a bonus to the value of every donation you receive, as indicated by the number next to the "Donation"-icon. Workplaces also increase the number of bottles you find while collecting

Instruments provide you with a steady income without costing you any Energy. The Music skill raises the profit you make with an instrument. Every three hours, your income from making music is added to your cash. Please note that the profit indicated with the instrument is the DAILY profit.

Pets - apart from keeping you company – add bonuses to Attack, Defense and/or Pitifulness: Their skill points are added to your own. This makes them excellent sidekicks in a fight and gets people to donate to you more because they think your pet is cute.

Your old pet will be replaced when you buy a new one. No refunds.




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