The Godfather: Five Families FAQ: Greenwich Village

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The Godfather: Five Families

Building a brand new Neighborhood can be a bit confusing, so here are some helpful FAQ to get your journey to Greenwich Village of The Godfather: Five Families started!

The Godfather: Five Families Greenwich Village

What are the benefits of building a Second Neighborhood?

By making the choice to move to Greenwich Village, you help grow your Empire even larger and more powerful than ever before. In addition to increasing your Resource production rate, you can also train more Units and even transfer Units and Resources. To learn more about these benefits, click HERE.

You want to start your second Neighborhood! Where do you begin?

Before you start building your Greenwich Village, first you have to obtain a Greenwich Village Deed.

The Godfather: Five Families Greenwich Village Deed

How do you obtain a Greenwich Village Deed?

You can get your Greenwich Village Deed in a variety of different ways! This Deed is available for purchase in the Shop (either by itself or in a discounted package that includes other helpful items), or this item has a chance to drop from Level 6 Gangs or higher.

How do you use a Greenwich Village Deed?

To use your Greenwich Village Deed, simply click on a Slum in the City View and select the "Build Here" option. Once you confirm your decision, your Second Neighborhood will be started!

The Godfather: Five Families Slum

How do you know which Slum to choose?

The Slum you choose will be your location for your Greenwich Village, so choose wisely! Strategic placement of your new Neighborhood is important, so be sure to scan the map to pick the right spot for you.

How do you switch between my two Neighborhoods?

Once you build your Second Neighborhood, you can click on the little House Icon above the view selector to bring up the Neighborhood Select screen that allows you to switch between your Neighborhoods.

The Godfather: Five Families Select

If you collect rewards from completing a Job, which Neighborhood will the Resources go to?

No matter what Neighborhood you are in when you complete the job, the rewards will go the Neighborhood you are in when you click to collect the rewards. For example, you can complete a level 5 Mansion is your First Neighborhood and collect the rewards while you are in Greenwich Village.

The Godfather: Five Families Greenwich Village FAQ

Do my Resources from your first Neighborhood carry over into Greenwich Village?

No, all Resources you earn in a Neighborhood will remain in that Neighborhood– including all Resources earned from production buildings and Gangs/Cityscapes. However, you can transfer Resources from one Neighborhood to another.

How do you transfer Resources between your Neighborhoods?

If you wish to transfer Resources, simply click on the Neighborhood you wish to transfer to and select

"Send Supplies". For example, if you want to send Resources to Greenwich Village, click on your First Neighborhood in the City View (while in Greenwich Village). The amount of Resources you send depends on the load capacity of the Courier and Delivery Truck Units you send to transport the cargo. Once you select which Resources to transfer, a march will begin and an Attack Order will be consumed.

The Godfather: Five Families Greenwich Village FAQ

How do you transfer Units between your Neighborhoods?

In addition to Resources, you can also transfer Units from one Neighborhood to another. This feature works similarly to the transfer of Resources, by clicking on the "Reinforce" option and selecting the Units you wish to transfer. Just like when transferring Resources, keep in mind that this action is a March and will therefore consume an Attack Order.

The Godfather: Five Families Greenwich Village FAQ

How do you unlock additional Rackets?

Unfortunately you cannot unlock all the Greenwich Village Rackets at this time. More information on how to unlock these Rackets in the future coming soon!

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