The Godfather: Five Families Guide: Defend Your Estate

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The Godfather: Five Families

As you make a name for yourself on the streets of the City other Families are going to start gunning for you in The Godfather: Five Families. How do you protect your hard stolen goods from those looters and pilferers?

The Godfather: Five Families Defend Your Estate Guide

If you click on Estate you'll see your lovely Mansion surrounded by the ample land that hosts the other buildings on your Estate. Click on your Mansion and near the top you'll see two tabs: Details and Protection.

Click protection to be taken to a screen with two more options: Defending and Hidden. You'll also see the amount of Units you currently have available to defend with.

  • If you click Defending all of your available Units (who are not out fighting elsewhere) will defend your Estate if you were attacked.
  • If you set this option to Hidden none of your troops will attempt to prevent your enemies from storming your Estate and they will gain direct access to your resources (less the amount protected by your Warehouse).

These Units will defend in conjunction with any Wall Defenses you have already built. Remember that if you want to retaliate you may want to set your Units to Hidden so you have something to attack back with.

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