The Godfather: Five Families Guide: Get More Resouces Like Cash

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The Godfather: Five Families

Resources planning is an important part of The Godfather: Five Families; so that you can continuously build. There are various ways that you can earn more resources in The Godfather: Five Families. Below will list them all out, use all of these methods to obtain many resources possible to create the strongest Family in The Godfather: Five Families.

Upgrade Resource Buildings

The Godfather: Five Families  Resource Building

This is one of the most obvious but sometimes overlooked way to boost your resource production. Have you used all of your resources to fully upgrade your neighborhood buildings, and do you have any spare land plots that you should have used but have not. Spend the time to go over your own neighborhood to make sure that you have optimized your inner neighborhood planning. By optimizing the neighborhood buildings, you will be able to generate more resources in The Godfather: Five Families that suit you.

Takeover Cityscape

The Godfather: Five Families Takeover Cityscape

You can earn additional resource production boosts when you take over and control Cityscape tiles. By holding Cityscape tiles, you will earn a 5% x level of production boost based on the level of the Cityscape. These production boosts are stackable. It means that if you control 2 level 2 Cityscape, you will earn an additional 10% boost to your resource production. At higher level the numbers can really make a huge difference. You want to always make sure that you are controlling enough Cityscape tiles as well as an upgraded mansion. Controlling more Cityscape tiles can boost your resource production amount in The Godfather: Five Families.

Armory Set Bonus

The Godfather: Five Families

When you complete an armor set for the silver tier. You will earn a resource production boost based on the level of the armor set. Always attack the level of the Gangs until you have the armor set. In addition, if you know that you are going AFK for a prolonged period of time such as sleep or school, you can equip your gears to achieve the production bonus. The armory set production bonus that you receive is 5% x level of the armor set.


The Godfather: Five Families Research

There are 3 Five Families research that can boost your resource production rate in The Godfather: Five Families. These three research branch are Cooking for Food production boost, Cementing for Cement production boost, and lastly SteelWork for Steel production boost. Each upgrade of research boost the resource production by 5%.

Item Boosts

There are various item shop boosts that you can purchase to boost your resource production. These boost can be purchased with Diamonds (real money) to generate your The Godfather: Five Families resource production faster.

Best Way to Get Cash

The best way to get Cash in The Godfather: Five Families right now is through defeating gang tiles and farm inactive yet full developed players. When you defeat Gangs, you have a chance to obtain "Gold" Tiered items inside the armory which can be sold for some great instantly cash gains. You can sell the armory items in the armory building. Right click the loots that you have and click "sell".

Additional Resource Boosters

In this section, the additional resource boosters are discussed in The Godfather: Five Families.

Family Starting Bonus

Depending on the server and its Family controlled territory. You will receive differing starting resource boosts. This is a balancing system implemented by the development team to balance out the different Family's power in game. The strongest family with least territory will receive no bonus, and the weakest Family's new member will receive up to 18% resource boosters. The Godfather: Five Families staring booster are as follows:

This list is ranked by how many territory owned by specific Families. This is ranked from the strongest to weakest. The resource bonus is only active during the 7 day protection period. It's listed as "Other" bonus in the resource menu.

  1. No starting bonus
  2. 5% bonus resources
  3. 7% bonus resources
  4. 9% bonus resources
  5. 18% bonus resources

Family Rank Bonus

Depending on the territory of the members in your Family own, you would receive overall Family resource bonus. The Family Rank bonuses are ranked from 4% to 0% from the strongest to the weakest.

Crew Rank Bonus

By being a part of the crew in the top 10 slots, your crew will earn an additional 25% resource bonus to your production.

Note on Cash, Upkeep, and Resource Boosts

The resource boosts in The Godfather: Five Families are stacked toward each other. However, the resource boost for Cash is calculated "After" the Upkeep cost. For example, if you produce 10k Cash, and your upkeep is 5k Cash. The resource boost is calculated based on the 5k net total. This calculation makes it more attractive for you to lower your troops to avoid negative Five Family cash flow.

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