The Last Stand: Dead Zone Guide: Resource and Currency

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The Last Stand: Dead Zone is a fun strategy game that incorporates both estate or compound planning as well as unit combat. This guide provide you with some additional in depth information on how the different resources and currency categories in game. By understanding basic The Last Stand: Dead Zone game play mechanics, you can take advantage of these knowledge and move forward and advance through the game swiftly and easily.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone Resources

You will need 5 different main resources in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, which can really be divided into two major resource categories: Building and Survivor.

Building resource includes Wood, Metal, and Cloth.

  • Wood is produced via Wood Dropoff
  • Metal is produced via Metal Dropoff
  • Cloth is produced via Cloth Dropoff

In The Last Stand: Dead Zone, you will mainly need two resources to build any buildings in the game. These two resources are Wood and Metal.

Survivor required resources include food and water

  • The Food can be produced via Vegetable Garden
  • Water is collected through Water Collection

The Food and Water resource are both consumed at 8 units per every 24 hours per survivor. By not having enough of them, your compound's morale will be greatly reduced. However, they will not defect nor die from the lack of the survivor resources.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone Weapons

You can trade and potentially find various weapons to be used inside The Last Stand: Dead Zone. More in detailed guides will be offered to give a more detail overview of how weapons work in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. However, weapons themselves are important resources because your survivors will be able to kill more infected with stronger weapons – and suffer less casualty at the same time.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone Comfort Level and Morale

Comfort level based on comfort buildings, and lastly security buildings and constructions. By fulfilling the ration, comfort, and security requirement of these various points. Survivors with higher morale becomes more productive.


Fuel is the main trading currency within The Last Stand: Dead Zone. With fuel, you can trade for various resources within the game as well as additional weapons, and speed up. You can obtain fuel from running missions, however the easiest way to get fuel is through purchasing them with real world cash.

Crafting Materials

The Last Stand: Dead Zone crafting materials can also be considered as an important resource. You will be able to craft various weapons and even buildings with crafting materials. The materials for The Last Stand: Dead Zone crafting can be obtained by recycling gears, missions, as well as purchase them via the fuel cash trading shop.



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