The Last Stand: Dead Zone Tips: Survivor Stats and Skills

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Survivors in The Last Stand: Dead Zone can be divided into several character class categories: Leader, Scavenger, Fighter, Engineer, Recon, and Medic.

Here will go into each of these classes in detail to help you understand what they will do for you throughout the game play. It should be noted that once you have determined their Dead Zone class type, you will not be able to change it at the time of writing. The ability for the survivors to change class is to be updated in the near future. It should be noted that you cannot determine the stat points other than the leader.

Leader Stats and Skills

The leader has 5 stats – Fighting, Scavenging, Engineering, Medic, and Recon all start at 7 stats points. The leader is the first survivor in The Last Stand: Dead Zone which is you. It is more or less a jack of all trade that can be built into any kinds of character class. Recommend you to focus building the stat toward fighting for it to deal more damage for your survivor team within The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Scavenger Stats and Skills

The Scavenger class comes with 5 stats – Improvised Combat, Ranged Combat, Health, Luck, and Scavenging. This class is the best class to be used inside missions because they can quickly gather and gather the resources that you need inside the missions. For The Last Stand: Dead Zone scavenger, you want to focus his stat toward luck and scavenging to improve their gathering speed. They are essential for you to fully gather the Dead Zone resources during missions.

Fighter Stats and Skills

The Last Stand: Dead Zone fighter class is focused with dealing damage to the infected. The fighter class has 5 stats: The fighter has the highest health, and should be in every major battles against the zombies. Every compound needs a couple fighters to be able to function effectively.

Engineer Stats and Skills

The Engineer survivors have the highest skills in improvised weapons with second highest health points. The engineers also have the strongest melee attacks which makes them really good tanks in tight areas. However, their penalty or weakness is that they have weak ranged weapon yielding skills.

Recon Stats and Skills

Recon are the scout type of unit class in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Scouts have low amount of HP with the fastest moving speed. This makes them a very fragile unit to travel to and from locations. Because of their scouting tendencies, it is to be able to move them around to avoid being ambushed by the undeads. Their speed allows them to back up any other The Last Stand: Dead Zone units even with a distance.

Medic Stats and Skills

Medics are the only healer in The Last Stand: Dead Zone besides the compound leader. Healing is pretty much the only strengths that medics have, their have weak attacks as well as weak health points. You will need to group them together with other fire power survivor classes such as fighters and engineers. For later game play, you will need medic to heal your survivors in the heat of battle to avoid any deaths and injuries.

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