The Merry Manor Game Elements Guide

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Come visit The Merry Manor at Facebook by developer Nikita Kozlovsky! Choose from one of six adorable animals and help them to complete tasks while developing a beautiful farm with bountiful crops, farm animals, and lovely houses. Purchase factories and farm equipment to help you produce premium goods with items harvested to sell them for major profits. Hire helpers to get the chores done faster but be sure to feed them candies as they learn their jobs. Gamezebo’s The Merry Manor quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, tricks, and hints on how to play your best game.

The Merry Manor

In the image above you will see a game screen with the elements marked and described in detail below.


The game scene is much larger than what you can see on the screen. Be sure to click your left mouse button and while holding it down drag it to the right or left to see additional land. To the left of your farm you will see trash and an abandoned forest. As you complete goals these scenes will change. The tank you see at the far left is your fuel tank and the number represents the amount of fuel you have to run farm equipment/vehicles once you purchase them. You may win fuel in the “Test your Luck” daily lottery long before you have a vehicle which increases this number. (Everyone starts with 100 fuel). Fuel can not be sold back at this time. (See “Machinery/Fuel” below for more information.)

A. Gold Coins

You are given 15,000 gold coins when you start the game, which you can use to purchase items to complete the first few goals. If you click on the “+” sign you can purchase more coins by exchanging them for gems.
•Note - You can trade gems for coins, but you can not trade coins for gems. Gems can only be purchased with real currency using a major credit card or other options listed in the purchase area. (See “Game Currency” below for more information)

B. Tasks

Here you will see the ongoing list of game tasks and goals. As soon as one is completed another appears in this list. You will see a progress arrow point to the icon each time you meet part of the goal. If you compete the task you will be given an XP and coin reward.

C. Helpers

Click here to hire neighbors to work on your farm. (See “Helpers” below)

D. Game Settings

Click here to zoom in or out of the scene, change the game to full screen or window mode, and save your game.

E. Neighbor Menu

Here you will see a list of all of your neighbors. There is a button at the upper left corner that allows you to toggle between your friend’s Facebook profile image or the pet they have chosen to use in their game. Your pet will always be shown in the center of the neighbor menu. Use the side arrows to scroll through your list of neighbors. Click on the image to visit that neighbor’s farm. (See “Visiting Neighbors” below for more information.)

F. Crystals

This is the game’s secondary currency used for higher end items. You are given 10 free crystals to start out. Be sure to spend these carefully as you can only get more by leveling up (You earn 1 each time you reach a new level in the game) or by purchasing them. There are several goals that can only be completed by purchasing items with crystals. (See “Game Currency” below for more information.)

G. Test Your Luck

This is the daily lottery that allows you to purchase a spin and win valuable items for your game. (See “Test your luck” below for more information.)

H. Gifts

Click here to purchase gifts to send to your neighbors or to open any gifts sent to you. (See “Gifts” below for more information.)

I. Game Menu

This is the primary menu for navigating around the game. There are three rows of icons used for the purposes listed below.1. Pointer Tool - Use this to clear your cursor.

2. Trench Tool

Click here to activate the trench digger. Every place you click on your land will place a trench to plant seeds for harvesting and selling for profit. Each trench cost 15 gold coins to place. You can move these with the move tool if needed.

3. Fertilizer

Click here to use or purchase fertilizer for your crops. (See “Fertilizer” below for more information.)

4. Store

Click here to purchase items from the store. Everything you need for your farm will be found here. Be sure to note the categories along the top of each menu. “VIP” usually indicates items that can only be purchased with crystals. These items will earn you more profits.

5. Warehouse/Storage

Click here to see your warehouse where all harvested crops are stored and can be sold from. (See “Warehouse/Storage House” below for more information.)

6. Gifts

Click here to purchase gifts to send to neighbors or to open gifts sent to you.

7. Move/Rotate Tool

Click here and then on any item you wish to move or rotate. Click on the “Arrow Tool” to clear your cursor when finished.

8. Machinery

Click here to purchase farm equipment and fuel.

9. Sell Tool

Click here and then on an item you wish to sell. Click on the confirm message and the coins will instantly appear in your account.

J. Level/XP Indicator

In the center of your neighbor menu you will find your pet along with the name and level indicator in the star. If you place your cursor over the bar that is above the character’s head, you can at any time



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