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The Sims Social

Watch! The Sims Social released a series of gifts for us! Click the links to get them!

From Game Cheats

While you're away from the Game, we will keep on archiving Sims Social free gifts for you!

Just click on the links below that you think you had missed. Everything is for free!

Sims Social Latest Freebies

  1. Seaweed and Candle Wall Display - Gift Link
  2. Paint- Gift Link
  3. Gaia Office Desk Plant - Gift Link
  4. 150 Social Points- Gift Link
  5. 300 Simoleons - Gift Link
  6. Small Water Plant- Gift Link
  7. Lemon Slice - Gift Link
  8. Dreams - Gift Link
  9. Grilled Cheese Festival Box - Gift Link
  10. Grilled Cheese Festival Gnome - Gift Link

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