The Sims Social Cheats and Tips: Basic Stacking

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The Sims Social

Stacking is the best idea for personalizing Sims' homes. But many Sims Social items also aren't made to be stacked, so you'll need a workaround for it, which we'll show you here.

Step 1: Buy 3 tables from the store that are two tile lengths long, preferably the Basix TV Stand - Tan (costs 350 Simoleons), because it's the cheapest option. (Another popular, though more expensive option is the ShortNSweet tables.) My example also uses the Black stand (costs 650 Simoleons), cause I want to make it easier for you to see what I'm doing.

The Sims Social

Step 2: Stack the tables so that you've got two on the bottom and one laid out across the top of the bottom ones.

The Sims Social

Step 3: Pick one of the tables on the bottom and drag it away from your stack. The table on the top should automatically get dragged off too when you do this. If this worked, then congrats! These two stuck tables are now your L-shaped stacking tool. (Note: Always move your L-tool by holding the bottom or it'll fall apart.)

The Sims Social

Step 4: Pick something you want to stack. The screenshot above shows a few great ideas (well... except for that toilet trophy stand). A popular choice is to put flowers on top of the Cubic Bush and hedges. But what always bugged me is how the game won't let me put stuffed animals on my beds, so let's do that!

The Sims Social

The Sims Social

Step 5: To get Plumpkins Bear onto the bed, move the L-tool until the top table is right above the spot you need to put the bear. After you're done, click on the bear and put it on the top table.

The Sims Social

Step 6: The next part is like the classic tablecloth trick, where your tablecloth is the L-tool and the bed is the table. Grab the bottom of the L-tool to slide it away from the bed. (If you don't have enough room to slide the table away, use the Rotate function of the bottom table.) Because the bear won't move, the bear will end up looking like it's sitting on top of the bed. Voila, you've now got a stuffed animal onto the bed!

The Sims Social

When you're ready to try something harder, player Amy Yang has a tutorial video that shows you how to make an entire entertainment center (seen above) for your Sim using just tables and rugs. Also, special thanks to NathanXOXO for the bush and tulip idea.

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