The Sims Social Guide: Beyond the Tutorial For Beginners

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The Sims Social

First thing to do when you start to play The Sims Social is choose your personality, the game offer 9 choices with different attributes and characteristics, lets look at them:

The Sims Social Socialite - Sims are either the center of attention or they’re elbowing their way into it.
The Sims Social Rocker – Master of the air guitar and singing in the shower. May even learn a real instrument one day.
The Sims Social Creative - Sims yearn to capture the hidden beauty of life. They also enjoy cross stitching.
The Sims Social Villain – Would sell their own granny for kicks, then buy her back just so they could sell her again.
The Sims Social Romantic – Falling in love comes as easily to them as their natural charm. Just don’t go breaking their hearts.
The Sims Social Introvert – More likely to be found in deep thought than deep conversation, introverts prefer their own company.
The Sims Social Tycoon – For tycoon Sims, money isn’t everything. It’s much more important than that.
The Sims Social Geek – You name a sci-fi series, and this Sim will have the limited edition boxset with included artbook.
The Sims Social Athlete – Life isn’t a journey to an athletic Sim, it’s a triathlon, and they’re determined to get 1st place.

Note: This choice will influence your journey in the game, the traits available and the skills you can learn.

Next you have to choose your gender and and customize you avatar, you have endless options to choose from, face, hair, eyes, up to the clothes.

The Sims Social

The Sims Social

Your new neighbor Bella will be your guide through the tutorial, showing you the basics of the game and all the necessary menu options.

The Sims Social

Your first tasks include Unpacking your stuff, this will teach you how to interact with the various items in the game, you have to click on them, and a menu of options will appear, you have to click again in the desired option.

The Sims Social

This is the daily tasks or routines menu, with stuff you need to do regularly, like eating, bathing, hygienic duties and happiness.

The Sims Social

Each completed task with release some rewards, money and happiness icons, you need to click on it to collect.

The Sims Social

You have to try to keep you Sim as healthy as possible, an Inspired Sim is more successful at everything.

The Sims Social

Visiting friends is an important part of the game, you Sim needs to socialize and develop relationships.

The Sims Social

Relationships increase your social status, different status are available depending on your actions towards your neighbors and acquaintances.

The Sims Social

While interacting with other Sims, you will receive Social points as rewards for action you perform. Social points can be used in the Shop.

The Sims Social

Friends are very important, you can interact with them, help out in their houses, you can also help each other in tasks, some items are exclusively conquered with help of friends.

The Sims Social

Don’t forget your daily bonus for logging in every day…

The Sims Social

By now your first quest is finished, you have unpacked, new quests start to appear in the left side of the screen.

The Sims Social

You also have to care for your garden, and do some “Farming”, remember, you have to click on the item and then again in the option you want.

The Sims Social

As you complete the tasks you are assigned, you will gain experience to level up and unlock new items and quests. You also gain Simoleons for normal quests and Social Points for social tasks. Some quests also reward you with Lifetime points, usually tasks that involve Skill upgrades, this can be used to acquire Traits.( See traits Tab)

The Sims Social

The Sims Social

Note: You can play The Sims Social on Facebook in 5 languages, just choose yours.

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