The Sims Social Guide: Big Trouble In Littlehave Quest

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The Sims Social

The Sims Social has brought Japan to LittleHaven and with it a brand new seven part Quest to karate chop your way through. One of the more challenging and expensive Quests that we have seen so far in our favourite online Facebook game but with a nice little story line. For the average The Sims Social gamer, this could take a little while to complete. Our team managed to get through it with a laggy game in around 90 minutes. The main thing you will need is lots of Simoleons spare and a few active neighbours to give you an oriental helping hand. No real bugs or problems with this Quest from our run through and everything is pretty self explanatory. Just make sure when buying you Interior and Exterior Items, that you shop in the correct category.

By AdminTel on The Sims Social Fansite

You again have only 4 days to complete this Quest but once completed you'll have access to the FREE! Maneki Neko Special Item:

Neighbours Needed: 10 Minimum
Social Points Needed: 1800
Simoleons Needed: 11,800
Ingredients Needed: 3 Buzz, 10 Newspapers, 5 Entertainment
Objects Needed: Karate Mat, 4x Japanese Living Room Items, 4x Japenese Garden Items, Karate Top, Karate Bottoms, Banzaindana Black
Difficulty: 3/5

The Sims Social


*Tell 3 Sims you met Tommy Amori
Visit 3 Neighbours and use 'I met Tommy Avori' action on them

*Go To Computer and Look Up BigHaven
Use action 'Look Up BigHaven' on yours or a neighbours computer

*Have 3 Buzz
You can collect Buzz by asking friends or Fulfilling 'Fun' need

The Sims Social


*Become Inspired
Fulfil all of your needs or drink an 'Inspired Potion'

*Read The Bluffers Guide To Karate Movies 6 Times
Use action 'Read Bluffers Guide' on yours or a neighbours Bookshelf. You can perform this action 6 times in a row without getting bored.

*Ask 4 Sims To Convince The Company To Film In LittleHaven
Visit 4 Neighbours and use 'Help Convince Company' action on them

The Sims Social


*Buy 4 Living Room Items From This Week's Japanese Range
Go to Shop > Living > Purchase 4 Japanese Items, the cheapest is 1600 Simoleons for the 'Anachrobox Fine' Table.

*Have A Karate Mat To Practice Your Martial Arts
Go to Shop > Decoration > Purchase 'Karate Mat' for 1000 Social Points

*Warm Up 5 Times
Use action 'Warm Up' on your Karate Mat. You can do these in a row without getting tired.

The Sims Social


*Buy 4 Outdoor Items From This Weeks Japanese Range To Design The Exterior Movie Set With
Go to Shop > Outdoor > Purchase 4 Japanese Items, the cheapest is 800 Simoleons for the 'Slatted Fence' or 400 Social Points for the 'Blossom Fall'.

*Tell 3 Sims About Your Awesome Film Set
Visit 3 Neighbours and use 'The Set Is Awesome!' action on them

*Have 5 Fury
You can collect Fury by asking friends or Performing Mean Social Interactions or Playing the Guitar with low 'Fun'

The Sims Social


*Research Origami On Internet 5 Times
Use action 'Research Oragami' on your computer. This can only be done on your own computer, you can do them in a row without getting bored.

*Ask Friends For 10 Newspapers
Share post to your Facebook wall and ask 10 friends to Click it.

*Show Off Your Origami Skills To 10 Sims
Visit 10 Neighbours and use 'Show Off Origami Skills' action on them.

The Sims Social


*Have The Karate Top, Karate Bottom and Bandanna (Red or Blue) From The Store
Go to Clothes > Purchase 'Karate Top', 'Karate Bottoms' and 'Banzaindana' either the black or red one, it doesn't matter which. Then put them on. The whole outfit will cost you 2200 Simoleons.

*Have 6 Entertainment
You can collect Entertainment by asking friends or by fulfilling your 'Fun' need.

*Wearing The Karate Outfit Ask 6 Different Sims If You Look Like A Master Of The Llama Technique
Visit 6 Neighbours and use 'Look Like Llama Master' action on them

The Sims Social


*Ask 6 Friends To Be Your Karate Partner
Share post to your Facebook wall and ask 6 friends to Click it.

*Wearing Your Karate Outfit, Practice Your Karate Moves On The Mat 10 Times
Make sure you are wearing your full Karate Outfit and on your 'Karate Mat' use action 'Practice Karate Moves'. You can do this in a row without getting bored.

*Wearing Your Karate Outfit, Show Off Karate Moves To 8 Sims
Visit 8 Neighbours and use 'Show Karate Skills' action on them



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