The Sims Social Christmas Mini Quest 1: Post Haste Quest Guide

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The Sims Social

Playfish have prepared a series of mini quests to release in The Sims Social during the Christmas period - starting today - in order to offer us something more to do in the game and also give us a chance to win some new and really cool rewards. The new missions will be really simple to complete and you'll see that for yourself by checking out the requirements of the first mission in the Sims Social Christmas Mini Quest series.

Sims Social Post Haste Mini Quest

Neighbours Needed: 3
Maximum Social Points Needed: 0
Ingredients Needed: 12x Candy Canes
Objects Needed: Easel
Rewards: Grand Invites Candle

Difficulty: 0/5

The Sims Social Christmas Mini Quest

*Design Postcards On An Easel
Dust off your Easel and place it in your home (Unless it is already there of course) and use action 'Design Postcards' on it six times.

*Have 12 Candy Canes
If you do not already have Candy Canes then you can ask your friends for them, collect them from your Build It Holiday Tree or you can also collect them by Investigating a random Candy Cane in your garden.

*Post Cards To 4 Sims Mailboxes
The first of the Christmas Mini Quests has fallen upon The Sims Social and by mini, we mean mini! It's not much of a guide as such due to the shortness and simplicity of it but formalities and formalities.

Quest Reward Items

The Sims Social Christmas Mini Quest Reward

- Winter Cheer Cake (200 House Value)
- Christmas Orb Display (550 House Value)
- Christmas Coffee Set (700 House Value)
- Winter Rose Vase (1,150 House Value)


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