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Is it just me, or is decorating our houses one of the best things to do in The Sims Social? I know I could personally spend plenty of time rearranging furniture in each room, only to ripe it all out and start over again, and to help us do that with even more themes is a new Country Kitchen theme that has launched in the game this week. These country kitchen items bring in all sorts of shades of brown and ivory, and it's one of the most complete themes we've seen released in the game yet. Here's a rundown of what to look out for in the store to make this theme complete in your own home.

The Sims Social

Plate Collection
  • Costs: 4 SimCash
  • Value: $600
Perfecto Fruitbowl
  • Costs: 4 SimCash
  • Value $600
Vintage Wines
  • Costs: 6 SimCash
  • Value: $900
RuralU Deluxe C (Kitchen Counter Piece)
  • Costs: 10 SimCash
  • Value: $1500
RuralU Deluxe (Kitchen Counter Piece)
  • Costs: 12 SimCash
  • Value: $1750
Antiquitate Deco (Wall Sconce)
  • Costs: 3 SimCash
  • Value: $450
19th Century Lamp
  • Costs: 10 SimCash
  • Value: $1500
19th Century Pot (Flowers)
  • Costs: 19 SimCash
  • Value: $2800
Antiquitate Oil
  • Costs: 325 Social Points
  • Value: $700
Basinuate Marble (Sink)
  • Costs: 12 SimCash
  • Value: 1750
  • Clean Stat: 5

FrancoFaux Chaise (Buildable item)

  • Costs: 225 Social Points
  • Value: $500
Cereal Shelf
  • Costs: 250 Social Points
  • Value: $550
19th Century Mat
  • Costs: 19 SimCash
  • Value: $2800
Clox Fruitful
  • Costs: 350 Social Points
  • Value: $800
RuralU Trove (Wall Cabinet Piece)
  • Costs: 600 Social Points
  • Value: $1450
RuralU Charm (Wall Cabinet Piece)
  • Costs: 800 Social Points
  • Value: $2050
FrancoFaux Tableau (Buildable item)
  • Costs: 800 Social Points
  • Value: $2050
RuralU Latch (Hutch - Buildable item)
  • Costs: 1100 Social Points
  • Value: $3100
G King Counter (Center Island - Buildable item)
  • Costs: 15,000 Social Points
  • Value: $21,250
  • Happiness Stat: 3
Normanity Chair (Living Room Furniture - Buildable item)
  • Costs: 450 Social Points
  • Value: $1050
FrancoFaux Cafe (Living Room Furniture - Buildable item)
  • Costs: 650 Social Points
  • Value: $1600
Normanity Sofa (Living Room Furniture - Buildable item)
  • Costs: 700 Social Points
  • Value: $1750
  • Sleep Stat:

In addition to all of these items, there's also a Cooking Skill vent hood called the SuxDelux that's available to users that have reached a Cooking Skill of 40 or higher. This item has a value of $3650.

The Sims Social

In the Build Menu, you can also find a selection of new windows in the same matching dark wood color, ranging in price from 750 coins for the RealOak 2 Pane to 6,000 coins for the RealOak 5 Pane. If you want the window in the picture above, with the quaint ivory curtains, that will set you back a whopping 39 SimCash. Along with this, there are five new wallpapers and three new floor tiles to round out the theme.

There's no listed time limit on any of these items, so if you don't have enough Social Points or SimCash available to buy them now, you should be able to save up and purchase them well into the future. Still, if you want to get your hands on these items while they're fresh, I really couldn't blame you. I just hope your kitchen is big enough to hold them all!

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