The Sims Social's Relationship How to Guide: Enemies

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The Sims Social

The Sims Social

Now that love has been in the air in The Sims Social, it's getting a little stuffy. Too much canoodling may be a bad thing for a Sim. Sometimes, they just need to be a little wicked. Which is why today's category deals with the darker side of relationships and those friends that you just love to hate: Enemies.

The Sims Social

When you first visit a friend you are faced with two all important decisions. Should you be naughty or nice? Obviously, most people choose nice. Why would you want to be mean to grandma? She only bought you like fourteen pairs of the most embarrassing boxers that you or your cousins have ever seen. Most people would just get over it, but now is the time for payback or maybe even some "friendly" competition...

The Sims Social

For a Sim, there are many ways to ruin your enemies and unlike the Dating or the Friends lines, you can repeat this actions all you want. Although, you won't be able to collect quest things from them. More actions to do around their house tends to make up for that small fact. You will find it extremely comforting when you can sleep in your enemies bed, eat all their food, place spiders in their toilet, or paint a mean picture on their easel. Almost every item in their house can be pranked or leads to some sort of insulting. And in true enemy fashion, there is no obligation to repair any of their items; but it always helps if you want to rearrange all the keys on their keyboard. There is nothing that you can do wrong when performing evil actions. Since a negative relationship is what you desire, then every evil action will bring you closer to your goal. There are no hindrances. The Enemy social path is one easily taken and extremely enjoyable.

Just like when someone repairs your objects, your enemies actions towards you will appear as a box to show that they visited you and performed an action.  So far, the actions received from your enemies do not have any consequences except a negative affect on your less than perfect "friendship".

Overall, enjoy the enemy features and that little skull and crossbones next to their name. Hopefully, you'll have a little love hate relationship of your own soon.


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