The Sims Social Quest Guide: Go with the Flo

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The Sims Social

Flo insurance agent from Progressive, has decided it's her turn to pay the games world a visit in The Sims Social. Yes, Playfish and Progressive have joined forces to bring The Sims Social players even more branded content.

By AdminTel From The Sims Social Fansite

You have 14 days to complete the three easy parts to this Go With The Flo Mini Quest and collect your Progressive Unicorn reward. Make sure you complete it as this Quest Reward Item is one not to be missed.

The Sims Social Go with the Flo Guide

  • Neighbours Needed: 3
  • Maximum Social Points Needed: 0
  • Maximum Simoleons Needed: 0
  • Ingredients Needed: Goodwill
  • Objects Needed: N/A
  • Rewards: 35 Lifetime Points, 60 Simoleons, 35 XP, 10 Social Points, Progressive Unicorn
  • Difficulty: 1/5


The Sims Social Go with the Flo Guide

  • Look Up Progressive On A Computer
  • Click on a computer and use action 'Look Up Progressive'
  • Watch For Flo's Progressive Commercials
  • Click on a TV and use action 'Watch Flo On TV'


The Sims Social Go with the Flo Guide

  • Compose A Jingle For The Progressive Commercial On A Guitar
  • Click on a Guitar and use action 'Compose Jingle' three times. Your Sim will get bored of this after two attempts so just try completing the others tasks and retry in a few minutes.
  • Ask Different Sims If They Have Any Glitter You Can Use For A Progressive Commercial. And Unicorns, Ask Them If They Have Unicorns
  • Either visit three Neighbours or ask them over to your place and use action 'Got Unicorns?' on them.
  • Search For Squirrels In Trees
  • Click on a Tree and use action 'Search For Squirrels' twice.


  • Have Goodwill
  • If you do not already have Goodwill then you can ask your friends for them or perform friendly interactions with Neighbours for a chance at dropping them.
  • Prepare Tacos For All In Microwave
    Click on a Microwave and use action 'Prepare Tacos' three times. Your Sim will not get bored of doing this.
  • Ask Sims If They Love Tacos As Much As Flo From Progressive Does
    Either visit three Neighbours or ask them over to your place and use action 'Love Tacos?' on them.



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