The Sims Social Guide: Happy Halloween Mission

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The Sims Social

In order to celebrate Halloween in The Sims Social, EA and Playfish have already released a ton of fresh new content, including a brand new and really cool mission series, the Happy Halloween missions (7 total goals for us to complete). I am here to share with you the requirements to complete all the missions in the series and, therefore, have a really Happy Halloween in The Sims Social!

The Sims Social

Happy Halloween Mission 1

- Use your Computer to Type 5 Flyers
- Spread The Word To Other Sims
- Place Flyers on Refrigerators and Mailboxes

Happy Halloween Mission 2

- Buy 3 Outdoor Halloween Decorations
- Place 3 Outdoor Halloween Decorations
- Have Toads

Happy Halloween Mission 3

- Buy 3 Indoor Halloween Decorations
- Place 3 Indoor Halloween Decorations
- Have Glass Eyes

Happy Halloween Mission 4

- Ask 2 Of Your Friends For Costume Suggestions
- Buy The Skeleton Mask
- Have Witches Hats

Happy Halloween Mission 5

- Wearing Your Halloween Mask and a Costume, Trick 4 Different Sims
- Have Trick & Treats
- Wearing Your Halloween Mask and a Costume, Treat 4 Different Sims

Happy Halloween Mission 6

- Buy 3 Halloween Refreshments
- Place 3 Halloween Refreshments
- Eat Treats with Friends

Happy Halloween Mission 7

- Wearing Your Mask & Halloween Costume, Do A Dance With 6 Other Sims
- Have 2 Friends RSVP To An Invitation To Come And See Your Haunted House
- Phone 6 Other Sims To Tell Them About Your Party


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