The Sims Social Guide: How to Access Your Inventory

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The Sims Social

Finding your inventory and all the items you have in The Sims Social might be a little tricky since there is no actual Inventory button in the game and, to add a twist into play, there are actually two places where our items get stored. So we can say that there are two inventories for us to access in the game in order to check out all the items that we have and use them. In this article I will show you how to access your inventory in The Sims Social.

First of all, here is the place from where you can get to your inventories and we'll talk about where 1 and 2 take you below.

The Sims Social

1. The Storage button must be pressed to show you all the items that you have stored. We are talking here about items that can be used for your house only. Here is the Storage inventory:

The Sims Social

2. The Backpack shows you all the collectibles that you have gathered and it's also the place where you will see your crafted items or energy gifts. No items that can be placed in your home will be shown here:

The Sims Social

It's not difficult to access the inventory in The Sims Social and I hope that now you'll find it even easier to make your way to the exact place you want to get to.

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