The Sims Social Guide: How to Daydream and Perform Other Greyed Out Actions

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The Sims Social

Early on in The Sims Social, there is the Joining the IQ Club mission where you must collect or better said, you must Daydream five times, but if you do purchase a chair or sofa for your house and Daydream, the action greys out and you can't perform it again.

The Sims Social

So what to do in this case, since I believe that purchasing the remaining actions for regular money is not an option?
It's pretty simple, actually: just head over to a neighbor and Daydream at their place. You can visit multiple neighbors to Daydream at their place and you waste no money nor energy!

So the same thing stands for all the other actions that you are required to perform in The Sims Social and get greyed out at your house: just visit a neighbor and problem is solved!

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