The Sims Social Guide: How To Get a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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The Sims Social

Many people seem to have a hard time knowing how to get a boyfriend or girlfriend in The Sims Social but I am here to share you the tips and guide. Don't Miss!!

By Twinkle On GamerVilla

First and foremost before reaching the flirting scene you need to climb social ladders such as from friends to best friends. It will take a long time, energy and crazy flirting until you reach the level of dating. Then you will send request of dating until the other sim accepts it, after that you will go through several levels of relationships.

The Sims Social

Instead of choosing friendly chat you can click on flirt (the pink double heart icon) and also you can pick other actions under flirt option for different ways of showing your affection.

  1. Cheesy lines
  2. Romantic Kiss
  3. Flirty jokes
  4. Confess Attraction
  5. Compliment Appearance
  6. Flatter
  7. Swap numbers
  8. Give Flowers

But be sure to know if what type of personality your Sim is to make a perfect relationship and also not get turned down every time you make a move. It's just a matter of balancing the communication between you and you partner Sim.

The Sims Social

Also try to visit your Sim partner regularly, if not the relationship bar will decrease and may lower your relationship level.

The Sims Social

Having a successful boyfriend or girlfriend relationship will surely take you to other levels and experience additional actions. After dating, the Going Steady relationship comes where you can “Woohoo ” in bed or in the shower, playing around in the Jacuzzi or getting a massage. Until then you get to the Inspired soul mates relationship.


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