The Sims Social's Relationship How to Guide: Friends

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The Sims Social
The Sims Social

It's been a busy time in the Sims Social world with new items and a mass multitude of problems, but it is now time to bring you the final installment in the Relationship guides. This is the most chosen route of all, for obvious reasons. When you don't feel like being too devious and you'd rather not spend all of your energy on a special someone, this is definitely the best way to go. From "Friends" to "Inspired BFFs" (recently "BFFs+" and "Soul Mates+" have been changed to the aforementioned and "Inspired Soul Mates"),  the Friends category is the contrast to the other more extreme choices.

The Sims Social

Like the Dating relationship, Friends tend to frown upon repeated actions. Other than that your Sim can sleep in their beds, use their showers, and eat their food. You also feel better about yourself because you're not slapping your Facebook friend in the face as you would with your Sim Enemies.

While at you're friends house you can serve them tapas, write an appreciation note on a type writer, or just kick back and watch some TV. Friends also tend to be more helpful with quests since the chat options are open automatically. Most of the time you will have to chat to them about other things before the chat that you need to have for your quest appears.

Although sometimes not the most exciting, being friends does come with some great features such as: air kiss, express fondness, reveal secret, pose for photo, and recite haiku. And should you choose to pick another path, it's just as simple as a few hints in the right direction (unless it's to be an enemy and then all you have to do is leave that friend alone for a few days). Note that just doing one of these actions doesn't break up a current relationship or make your friendship suddenly turn sour, it takes a few actions to have the desired effect.

Life is nothing without friends, so give your Sims the full benefit of their friends and let them experience life to the fullest as the most popular socialite on the block!

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