The Sims Social Quest Guide: I Dream of Genies

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The Sims Social

It's Arabian Nights week in The Sims Social . And there also turned out a series of quests for the festival! Let us know them in detail!

By Joe Osborne From

Now all you need to find is that old VHS tape of Disney's Aladdin - don't lie, you know you own one. It's Arabian Nights week in The Sims Social, and Playfish has introduced quite the quest for players to complete, "I Dream of Genies." (Man, this week's theme is pop culture reference gold, huh?)

Those who complete the quest within seven days will earn their very own Desert Treasure, but it won't be a walk in the park. Players will need 12 Relaxation, 18 Love, a Music Skill Item, 400 Social Points, 4,600 Simoleons and at least 10 friends to complete "I Dream of Genies." Without further delay, here's how to finish the quest fast:

The Sims Social

I Dream of Genies Part 1

  • Ask 6 Sims if They've Heard of Johnny or Jenny
  • Run 9 Purple Items to Find Genies
  • Become Inspired

First, visit six friends' Sims, click on them and choose the "Heard of Jenny or Johnny or Something" option. While you're there, click on their purple items and choose the "Rub Rub" option to fulfill the second task. This can also be done at your Sim's home. To become Inspired, simply fulfill all of your Sim's needs, which is easier to do last since your Social meter will be filled.

The Sims Social The Sims Social The Sims Social

I Dream of Genies Part 2

  • Spend 3,000 Simoleons on Arabian Nights Furniture
  • Have 12 Relaxation
  • Play Brain Training Games on Computer for Two Days

The simplest way to spend 3,000 Simoleons on this week's furniture is to buy the Oasis Passion and Oasis Meditate Thrones, both of which go for 1,500 Simoleons. Relaxation comes from watching TV, listening to stereos, etc. The final task requires players to click on the computer in their homes and choose the "Play Brain Training" option two days consecutively. The in-game clock resets at midnight GMT.

I Dream of Genies Part 3

  • Earn 500 Simoleons from Athletic Skills
  • Buy one item of Arabian Nights Clothing
  • Harvest 6 Grapes

The best way to earn Simoleons performing Athletic Skills is to use either the Treadmill or Yoga Mat. The cheapest piece of Arabian Nights Clothing is Ali's Mint Turban for 1,600 Simoleons. Harvesting six Grapes will cost a total of 138 Simoleons and take at least two days.

I Dream of Genies Part 4

  • Earn 600 Simoleons from Music Skills
  • Charm a Snake
  • Say 'Echo! Echo!' to 10 Sims

The easiest way to earn 600 Simoleons from a Music Item is to simply use the Guitar that comes with your house. To charm a Snake, visit Bella's house, click on her Snake Charming Kit and use the "Charm Snake" option. Finally, visit 10 friends' Sims, click on them and choose the "Echo! Echo!" option.

The Sims Social

I Dream of Genies Part 5

  • Have 18 Love
  • Tell Friends about Genie
  • Rub Genie's Lamp

Players can collect Love from performing romantic interactions with other Sims. To tell your friends about the Genie, you'll have to post a News Feed to your Wall and have five friends click on it. Finally, visit Bella's house again, click on her Genie's Lamp and choose the correct way to run it to finish this quest. Once you do, the Desert Treasure will be yours.

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