The Sims Social Guide: Ingredients

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The Sims Social

This Guide will help you where to find muse, love, goodwill, sponges and such. All you have to do is go to The Sims Social - Click on CRAFT

The Sims Social

Roll over any of the ingredients that you wanna know where to get, in this case Muse

The Sims Social Special Ingredients:

Here are a few special ingredients and tips on how to obtain them (other than requesting friends).


  • You need to give rude chat lines to friends and insult them for a chance to obtain this. You might find that certain actions work better against differing personalities. The slobs ‘burp’ action tends to work fairly well to generate fury. Yes, your relationship level will drop, but you can soon raise it again.


  • You will find that it is useful to make enemies out of certain friends simply to generate fury.
  • You also get a large range of amusing pranks that you can play on them.
  • Since Bella is a NPC, you cannot send her requests to raise or lower relationships, so you might as well abuse her as much as you want.


  • The opposite of fury, this is obtained by giving nice chat lines to a friend. Same rules apply.


  • You don’t need to be in a relationship to obtain this – you simply need to do an action together with a friend – e.g. watch tv together.


  • Once you have finished building an object, post a message on your wall, and your friends can collect Bling from the post.

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