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The Sims Social


The Sims Social players of the fairer sex are in for a treat this week. EA and Playfish have declared the week of Thanksgiving "Pink Paradise" in its hit Facebook game, and have brought more than just a few new items to celebrate all that is lady-like. Starting Thursday, players will get to embark on a brand new quest: "It's a Date!". And, I share you the quest guide below:

The quest is pretty simple to complete with the main trouble for most players will be collecting the relevant ingredients and finding The Sims Social Neighbours who are your friends and own a Stereo. The time limit for the 'It's A Date' Quest has been extended to 6 days and you can gain the Limited Edition Item Mr.Clockwork Birdcage and a InThePink Beauty Dressing Table Free upon completion.

Neighbours Needed: 4
Maximum Social Points Needed: 0
Maximum Simoleons Needed: 400
Ingredients Needed: 19 Energy, 3 Muse, 4 Plans, 4 Delicious Morsels, 6 Mixing Bowls, 10 Bling, 10 Dreams
Objects Needed: PC, 2 Girly Week Decorations, Sink, Cooking Skill Item, Musical Skill Item
Rewards: 195 Lifetime Points, 720 Simoleons, 480 XP, 5 Energy, 80 Social Points, Mr. Clockwork Birdcage, InThePink Beauty Dressing Table
Difficulty: 2/5


The Sims Social

*Become Inspired
Fulfil all of your needs and become Inspired

*Ask 3 Unique Sims What On Earth Grodie Means
Visit 3 Neighbours and use action 'What Does Grodie Mean?' on them

*Have 3 Muse
If you do not already have Muse you can ask your friends for them or you can earn them from performing Art or Music Skills or alternatively by taking pictures of Birds outside your home.


The Sims Social

*Have 4 Plans
If you do not already have Plans you can ask your friends for them or you can earn them from performing Writing or Cooking Skills.

*Click Computer 5 Times To Trademark The Name Perfect Date Company
On your home computer perform action 'Trademark Company Name' five times, your Sim can perform all of these actions without getting bored.

*Design Company Logo 5 Times
You must use an Easel or a Draftboard to perform 'Design Company Logo'. Your Sim can perform this action all five times without getting bored of it.


The Sims Social

*Click Stereo And Dance With 4 Other Sims
You must visit 4 Unique Neighbours who are friends or higher with Stereos and perform action 'Dance Together' We advise seeing Bella first and also completing the Grand Piano section of this quest in one go. Please note you cannot pass this by visiting Neighbours who are lower than friends (e.g enemies) This can be tricky!

*Design The Perfect Setting For The Musical Couple's Date By Having 2 Decoration Items From The Girly Collection
Go to Shop>Decorations and buy any of the seven pink decoration items from Girly week. We advise to buy 'Cupcake Wedding Cake' and 'InThePink JoJo' lamp however the choice is yours.

*Play Any Type Of Piece On The Grand Piano 4 Times
The easiest way to complete this section is to visit Bella and play either 'Play Classical Piece', 'Play Silly Song' or 'Play Ballad' four times. Do not use 'Play Sims Know How To Party' as it does not seem to register it.


The Sims Social

*Have 4 Delicious Morsels
If you do not already have Delicious Morsels you can ask your friends for them or you can earn them from fulfilling your 'Hunger' need.

*Have 6 Mixing Bowls
If you do not already have Mixing Bowls you can ask your friends for them or you can earn them from Levelling Up your Cooking Skills.

*Prepare A Meal 4 Times
You must be at home to do this. Use any Cooking Skill Item (e.g Microwave or Cooker) and perform any Cooking Skill four times to complete.


The Sims Social

*Ask 5 Unique Sims If They Will Go To The Prom With You
Visit 5 Neighbours and use action 'Ask To Prom' on them

*Wash 5 Times
Click on a sink in your home and perform action 'Wash' five times. Your Sim will do this without getting bored.

*Compose Music 5 Times
You must be at home to do this. Use any Music Skill Item (e.g Keyboard or Guitar) and perform any Music Skill five times to complete.


The Sims Social

You may not have to add one new Neighbour. Simply log out and log back into the game and this section of the quest may complete automatically. If it does not then you will have to acquire a new Facebook friend that plays The Sims Social.

*Check Appearance 5 Times On Fancy Dressing Table
You must use 'Check Appearance' action on a 'InThePink Beauty' Dressing Table. You will have received one from completing Part 5 of this quest. If you do not wish to use the item after the quest, do not build it and waste valuable Ingredients. Visit Bella and use hers. Your Sim will get bored after a couple of times, just wait a minute or so and try again to complete.

*Have 10 Bling

If you do not already have Bling you can ask your friends for them or you can earn them from mining from Social Blue Plumbob Garden Asteroids.

*Ask 3 Friends To Toast Your Way Business Genius

Share post to your Facebook wall and ask 3 friends to click on it.

*Gush To 5 Unique Sims About The Good News Visit 5 Neighbours and use action 'Gush About News' on them.
*Have 10 Dreams If you do not already have Dreams you can ask your friends for them or you can earn them from mining from fulfilling your 'Sleep' need.


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