The Sims Social Guide to Leveling Up Insanely Fast

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The Sims Social

To The following is a guide contagion made as a doc for a Facebook group to do with the Sims social. I thought I would post it here so that it can be useful to a broad range of people!

I am making this doc because some other group members had asked me in chat to. They asked me how I leveled so quickly. There is no one secret, but there are a number of tips that I can share with the community. I would like to make a disclaimer that some of these tips may be found elsewhere or on other forums, and I do not claim intellectual propriety over any of them.

OK the first thing to do is make sure that you have a lot of friends who play this game. I made my facebook account solely for this game, and it comes in very handy, because when sending requests I don't have to sort through my game friends and my real friends. If you are a member of this group you are probably on your way to having enough friends to be able to play this game for as long as you desire.

Most of my advice will be on how you prioritize things in this game. When it comes to leveling up your first priority should be completing quests. If there is a quest you have to do at a neighbours house and you have energy to use at home, or you have to wait a certain amount of time to check your mail for a quest, your next priority should be gaining skills.

When you do put energy into developing your skills, make sure to get your sim inspired first, as this will save a lot of energy. If you don't make your sim completely insane as a trait, you will probably have to either visit a neighbour or waste energy talking on the phone/talking to plants (level 2 insane). So at first it is a good idea to fulfill all your needs at your neighbour's house and become inspired there before returning home. If you have used up your bonus energy it may take a long time for your sim to automatically do social. For this reason I recommend that you get inspired, use all your energy at home, then visit neighbours until you have refilled on free energy, then become inspired, then return home and repeat the cycle.

If you want to level up really fast, and you have a lot of time on your hands, you will need more neighbours. If you only want to spend an hour a day playing this, then you don't need so many neighbours.

Now if you finish visiting all of your neighbours, and you also use up all your energy, I recommend you go into your backpack and fill up on energy there. If you are accepting gift-requests for items, then you should be getting plenty of energy in return as gifts. There is no point in trying to save up a thousand energy in your backpack. You will get plenty more the next day if you keep playing. If you ever desperately want energy, you can send one energy to all of your neighbours and in a couple days you will have a lot.

Now as far as neighbours go, notice that they are arranged by value of their house on the bottom of the screen. I recommend starting by visiting the lowest value neighbours and working your way up, because the higher value houses take much longer to load. Also, by using this system, you can remember which neighbour you visited last by the value of their house, and if you have to leave the computer and come back in the same day, you can pick up where you left off.

Now what should you do while you are at your neighbours house? I recommend that you only stay until you use up your bonus energy, as that is when you will get free energy. the fist thing you should do is revive crops if any are wilted (not at this time because you will hit a snag though) because the rewards for that are greatest. Next if there is anything quest related you can spend your energy on you should do that, as completing quests will help you level up the fastest. If your neighbour has plants in plots you should water those because they get you a lot of simoleons and some experience. If not you should check for items that need to be repaired or cleaned. The cleaning kit can be useful for gaining energy and simoleons. Next I recommend either rummaging through garbage or watering plants. They are approximately equal in rewards in my opinion. I usually use at least one energy at the end to do something social as I am onften in need of fury, love, or goodwill. Usually it takes a few interactions to get these.

Keep in mind that you should make friends with most of your neighbours, and have a few good friends or really good friends. The reason is some interactions you will need to do for some of the quests require friends or better. I like to have a couple people that I have negative relationships with too because I can have fun playing pranks, and get fury at the same time!

If you need fury to build something, go be mean to some sims. If you need love, goodwill, or bling, try using this first: [REMOVED] (this can also be used to get rich quick, but if you over-use it you will have to wait a few days)
If there isn't enough of those available through your news feed, then be nice to neighbours. I like to reserve gift requests for items that are rare or difficult to get.

Now as far as developing traits... some traits are more for fun and others help you move through the game faster. My goals were to be able to be inspired quickly, and to not have to wait long for my sim to do mundane tasks. I developed insane first, then ninja, then slob. I recommend developing ninja first because waiting for all that waking is very tedious and you could be spending that time leveling up. Next I recommend becoming insane to the max.

The first 2 traits of insane aren't very helpful (swatty arms and talking to plants). The first trait does nothing helpful and the second one is just a replacement for a phone. The third trait saves time walking to the kitchen, and it saves you from dirtying and breaking your cooking appliances. The fourth and last one is very useful though. It allows you to talk to yourself, which requires no energy, and it fulfills your sim's social and fun need.

I am not sure if its better than another feature, but I have found the slob characteristics to save time too. At level 3 slob your sim can fulfill his hygein and toilet need at the same time in the shower (Yuk!) and at level 5 slob your sim can fulfill entertainment and food need by eating out of the garbage.

Yes it doesn't take very long for my sim to fulfill all his needs with these traits! Recap: tollet & hygein, food & fun, social & fun. I have been lucky with the traits I picked that they worked out so well, and I won't make more recommendations as I haven't tried the other traits, although you can read about them on other forums!

Some other tips I have include... try not to build or buy things until you need to. You will eventually have quests that require you to buy clothes, desks, rooms, furniture and electronics, so there is no point in buying what you really want too early, to only have to buy it again to fulfill a quest.

That's all for now. I hope everyone finds my tips useful!




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