The Sims Social Guide: Levitation Technique

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The Sims Social

Are you envious of others when seeing their items floating in the air in The Sims Social? Do you want to know how they make that? Actually, it is very easy if only you grasp the principle, but it takes you much time to design.

Follow the way to levitate your item step by step:

Step 1 - In the Build mode, it can be seen that the ground is divided into grids. The secret of levitation just lies in the outermost part of the grids.

The Sims Social

Step 2 - The outermost part is marked in pink. As long as you place an item there and remove ladders, the item won’t drop like what happen in the checked place.

The Sims Social

Step 3 - Produce a ladder

  • Align two tables.

The Sims Social

  • Place a rectangular table on them

The Sims Social

  • Move the lower right table and then the ladder is finished. The ladder looks like an inverted “L”.

The Sims Social

  • To levitate an item higher, you should pile more tables to make the ladder higher.

The Sims Social

  • Move the ladder to the outermost part of the grids, put an item on top and remove the ladder, but the item stays still.

The Sims Social

Note: As long as the item is on the periphery, it won’t fall off.

The Sims Social

To levitate an item occupying 2 grids, you can take the same way to make a ladder that can hold a 2-grid item. Place an item on the big ladder and move the ladder, but the item is still in the sky.

That is the levitation technique! Easy, isn’t it? Now it is time for you to give free rein to your imagination.

The Sims Social


  • If you have ninja skills, you can teleport to the sky to use items not limited to tables and chairs.
  • Ladders can be piled up in any way.
  • Click the lowest ladder and it can be apparently seen that the top two cabinets won’t move. They stay where they were after the ladder is moved.
  • You only need to spend some time to levitate your items, but levitated items will affect the decorations on the ground, for they will still occupy grids except that they are in the outskirts of the grids.
  • To facilitate levitation, you can put away your room in the warehouse. Don’t worry, you don’t need to rearrange furniture after taking it out from the warehouse.

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