The Sims Social Tip: Make an Easy +5 Energy

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The Sims Social

To make the most use of this The Sims Social Tip you really first of all need to make the decision of if you ever want a fully constructed 'Human G Gnome' Special Abandoned Item which can be found in Slot 3 of the Land Expansion Area.

The Sims Social

The reason for that question is because the 'Human G Gnome' is one of the only items in The Sims Social game that allows you to ask friends and neighbours for 'Buzz'. As it is a very rare ingredient.

Remember that to Craft a +5 Energy Drink it'll only cost you:

8 Goodwill
7 Love
3 Buzz

As you know 'Goodwill' and 'Love' are pretty easy to come by and 'Buzz' is Very Rare. So basically in order to make some easy +5 Energy just don't ever build your Human G Gnome. Once you get enough to make your +5 Energy do that and keep asking for 'Buzz' from your neighbours.

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