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The Sims Social Haunted House Week has provided us with a Brand New Quest. We know a few players that are finding it a little difficult. In comparison to the previous two Halloween Quests it is a smidge harder, but not too much. You have 4 days to complete the Quest, it can be done within 2 hours if you have plenty of active neighbours and the Ingredients available. Once you complete the Quest you will unlock a Cuckoo Clokc. Here is a Quest Walkthrough Guide to help you:

Neighbours Needed: 5 Minimum
Social Points Needed: 225
Simoleons Needed: 2850
Ingredients Needed: 6 Witches Hats, 6 Toads
Objects Needed: 2 Bottle O' Blood, Toasting Drinks, Microwave, Spectral Robe
Difficulty: 2/5


* Have Bottles O' Blood
Click 'BUY NOW' or they can be found in the 'Decorations' section for 175 Social Points Each

*Have The Sullen Ancestral Skull
Click 'BUY NOW' or it can be found in the 'Decorations' section for 350 Simoleons

*Tell 3 Sims That Edward Sullen Is Awesome
Visit 3 neighbours and use action 'Edward Is Awesome'


*Ask 1 Friend If They Have Vampire Tendencies
Share post to Facebook wall and ask a friend to click it

*Check 3 Sims For Neck Bites
Visit 3 neighbours and use action 'Check Bites'

*Phone Jacob For Help
Click on yours or a neighbours phone and use action 'Call Jacob For Help'


*Have Witches Hats
You need 6 - Skill Up on Haunted Skill Items such as Easel, Desk or Organ to collect.

*Have Toads
You need 6 - Ask Friends or Take Pictures of Spooky Things to collect.

*Extract Elixier From The CowPlant 6 Times
Go to BELLA'S House and use action 'Extract' on her Cow Plant, this will not work on your own and you do not need to purchase one.


*Make The Vampire Antidote
Go to YOUR Microwave and use action 'Make Antidote'

*Have Toasting Drinks
Click on 'BUY NOW' or they can be found in the 'Kitchen' section of The Sims Social store for 50 Social Points

*Toast To Vampires With 5 Sims To Fool Them Into Drinking The Antidote
Visit 5 neighbours and use action 'Toast To Vampires'


*Ask 3 Friends For Confirmation That You'll Stand Together Against The Vampire Threat
Share post to Facebook wall and ask 3 friends to click it

*Recruit 5 Sims In The Fight Against Edward
Visit 5 neighbours and use action 'Fight Against Edward'

*Phone Jacob To Tell Him Bella Is In Danger
Use ANY phone and use action 'Phone Jacob'


*Have Garlic
This can be time and Energy consuming, it's pretty random. Use a Cooking Skill item to cook. Takes around 15-20 Energy. You need 7 Garlics.

*Practice The Hypnosis Breaking Tune 7 Times
You must use a KEYBOARD, it doesn't work on the piano or Haunted Organ. Use action 'Hypnosis' on any Keyboard

*Wind Up The Cuckoo Clock 5 Times
Visit BELLA'S house and use action 'Wind Up' on her Cuckoo Clock. Your Sim will get bored after 2. Simply go home or do 3 random actions and return and do the same.



*Disguise As Minion
Go to The Sims Social Clothing store, find and Buy 'Spectral Robe' it will cost 2500 Simoleons. Then wear the Robe. If you have already bought it and the quest doesn't complete, you must Sell it and Buy it again.

*Break The Hypnosis Spell Which Bella Is Under
Make sure you are wearing the 'Spectral Robe' and visit Bella's house. Use action 'Break Hypnosis' on her Haunted Organ 3 times.

*Warn Friends About Edward Sullen




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