The Sims Social Guide to Personality Types

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The Sims Social
The Sims Social

In The Sims Social, there are 7 different types of personalities you can choose from and I am sure you're curious to find out more about them. So read on this guide to personalities in The Sims Social!

First of all, it's worth mentioning that Personality Types don't influence that much what happens in the game and usually they're limited to some specific interaction types but that's it. Since there are no jobs in The Sims Social (yet), these don't pay too much of an importance right now, so choose as your heart tells you to!

Here are the Personality Types in The Sims Social and some details about them:

  • Socialite: These Sims Love to be the center of attention! They can Toast with friends and are very fun to be around with! 
  • Rocker: Masters of the guitar and great singers - music is a REALLY fun thing for them and they can perform Air Guitar with friends! 
  • Romantic: Natural charmers. Falling in love has never been easier! 
  • Introvert: Not the most social folks around, they can have the ability to Introspect 
  • Tycoon: They care a lot about money. However, no extra detail on this type of personality is available at the moment. 
  • Geek: You own your personal laser sword and can even put on laser fights with friends. Better
  • Athelte: These Sims love sports and life's a challenge for them. However, we don't know exactly what specific interactions they have. 
  • Creative: They love to paint and that makes them happy. They're creative. They always see the bright side of life. 
  • Villain: If you want to be the bad guy (or girl), this is the personality type for you. They somehow find it funny to do bad things and are pretty good at it!

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