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The Sims Social

The Sims Social brings in the Traits system in the game which allows us to further "specialize" our sim. If you have played the offline versions of the game, it means that you already know what traits are as they are also present in The Sims 3.

However, in The Sims Social, there are just nine traits that we can master by purchasing them with Lifetime points. However, it's worth noting that a Sim can't have more than six traits!

Here is a list of all the traits in The Sims Social and what each one does:

Slob Trait (75 Lifetime points to buy)

The Sims Social

Sims with this trait are not concerned by mess and even thrive in filth. A relatively funny trait that will see your sim use the shower as both a hygiene and toilet booster (yuck!) and can eat from trashcans.

Steel Bladder (50 LT points)

The Sims Social

Helps your Sim feel the need to go to the toilet less often.

Neat (100 LT points)

The Sims Social

Sims with this trait love to keep things clean and do it faster and without needing your help. Also, it is supposed to lengthen the time between objects getting dirty.

SuperMechanic (50 LT points)

The Sims Social

You repair things faster, so if you don't like to wait too much, this could improve the overal speed of your sim.

Insane (75 LT points)

The Sims Social

Pretty good for those who don't have many friends for the game since it reduces the need for your sim to be social. But what's the fun then if you don't interact with friends?

Ogre (100 LT points)

The Sims Social

Probably best suited for those who want to make some enemies too since you can burp and fart at neighbors. However, as a good side, you no longer need to consume energy to clean items

Ninja (150 LT points)

The Sims Social

Pretty nice treat that allows your sim to walk faster, run or even teleport from one place to another. If you want your game to be faster, this is a skill for you!

Great Kisser (150 LT points)

The Sims Social

You're a great kisser and the other sims seem to love this about you! In other words, you can improve your love life faster with this trait

Night Owl (50 LT Points)

The Sims Social

Your Sim requires to sleep less often than others.

And these are the 9 traits available at the moment in The Sims Social. It is very possible that EA and Playdom will release some more in the future, so don't hurry to fill all your trait spots too fast.

It's also worth mentioning that in order to get the most out of a trait, you have to "master" it: each trait has 4 mastery levels and each level costs more Lifetime Points to purchase. So it might take quite a while before you get them all at level 4! 

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