Now! The Sims Social Really Goes Live

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The Sims Social

As we all know that The Sims Social has already opened to players before, but for some reason, it close, and now it was finally to live on, let's look at the games' preview.

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The Sims Social


The Sims Social is basically a game where you build your house by purchasing rooms & indoor/outdoor decorations for your property.

The features of The Sims Social an incredible amount of character customization from head to toe, as well as some interesting character archetypes that will somehow play a role in how you interact with your friends.

The Sims Social

Your Sims has basic needs that must be kept up or will not obey you. And has various challenges that she/he can complete as well – missions, building furniture, and raising up skills (Cooking, Painting, etc). Of course there is the friendship/romance from The Sims as well – this time with your friends.

Your Sims can have 1 of 7 different types of personalities (Socialite, Geek, Introvert, Rocker, Villain and so on). You can change it during the game, but it will cost you simcash. Each Personality has its own special action, which will work depending on the personality of the other sim. The sims also has its own special action that it will often do when idle. The starting equipment in your house is also dependent on your personality choice (i.e get a basic computer instead of a typewriter, but both cost similar, so no real difference). Certain chat actions are more effective against different personalities too. Apart from all that, there is no real difference for choosing a certain personality over another – there are no jobs in this game.

The Sims Social

Primarily, your aim is to become inspired so you can get bonus cash from raising skills. To achieve this, you will need to raise your Sim’s needs (Social, Fun, Hunger, Hygiene, Bladder, Sleep), until they are all in the green.

The Sims Social

Well you start off by choosing your character or avatar, you can choose 9 different styles (from romantic to villain, this you set your main attributes), with endless personalization options, from gender, to physical characteristics and initial clothing. Instead of being able to create an entire family you can only create your character, this one difference to the Sims series, also instead of choosing traits and perks, and goals for your character, you can only choose from the 9 pre defined character styles. But so far so good you can later in the game have your family just the same, and even with greater realism, just convince and invite your family members to play the game.

After choosing your initial avatar, you are taken to the game environment, the plot sets you in your new home unpacking your stuff, and you are welcome by Bella a friendly neighbor that will help you settle in. She will guide you through the first steps of the game on a short tutorial.

The Sims Social

You learn to interact with the different objects, and the basic gameplay routines, like eating, taking care of your personal hygiene and bladder issues, sleeping, and socializing or just how to have some fun.

There are lots of other stuff in the game, it is also fun to discover for yourself, So make a try and look for fun together...

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