The Sims Social Free Item Links: Neukum Classic Guitar, Llamark Chillblast Fall and Small Water Plant

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KeyWord: The Sims Social, Free Item Links, Neukum Classic Guitar, Llamark Chillblast Fall, Small Water Plan
The Sims Social

I know that you love free items in The Sims Social just as much as I do, which means that I have some really great news to bring: you can now collect three new items for your house in The Sims Social and I have the links below for... Neukum Classic Guitar, Llamark Chillblast Fall and Small Water Plant. Simply click the links below, which will take you to Facebook and reward you with the indicated items.

The Sims Social

Sims Social Neukum Classic Guitar Link

Sims Social Llamark Chillblast Fall Link

Sims Social Small Water Plant Link

Indeed, some of these items have already been rewarded before, but still the Small Water Plant is new and looks pretty nice, don't you think?


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