The Smurfs & Co Cheats: Coins

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This Cheat shows tips to help you generate more Smurf coins in The Smurfs & Co. How to get free Smurfs & Co coins? Just follow the The Smurfs & Co coins cheats....

1: Collect 8 Flower Buds Collect 4 Pinecones Cut 8 Weeds in a Neighbors'Town(3000 Smurf Coins).

2: Get More Honey Collect 3 Honey Jars(500 Smurf Coins).

3: Purchase a Mushroom Table Decoration. Purchase 2 Mushroom Chair Decorations(250 Smurf Coins).

4: Purchase 4 Lamp Post Decorations Place 2 Little Umbrella Decorations on the Map Purchase a Spinning Pinwheel Decoration(2500 Smurf Coins).

5: Rest Purchase a Log Bench Decoration Supply 10 Workshops or Buildings(2250 Smurf Coins).

6: Share Handy’s Workshop Build Handy’s Invention Shop(1500 Smurf Coins).

7: Share Pink Gems Hunt Collect 8 Pink Gems(1500 Smurf Coins).

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