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The Smurfs & Co is a brand new city-building game for Facebook, but featuring the ever-loved (and sometimes hated) little blue creatures from the 1980s cartoons and from the 2011 movie, The Smurfs. The game is being cross-promoted with The Smurfs movie, and as such, its popularity increases as more and more people are seeing the movie. The gameplay is very similar to games such as Ravenwood Fair, in that you build your city by clearing out the trees, weeds and rocks that cover your area, and then you build buildings using the resources you've earned either from gifts from friends or from clearing out areas of trees and weeds that are blocking you from building. Your goal is to build your city bigger and bigger and to attract more and more smurfs to your city by increasing smurf happiness. Here's how to do that in very quick fashion...


The Smurfs & Co Energy

The Smurfs & Co, like other games in its genre, is based around money, resources, and energy when it comes to how quickly you can build up your city. However, unlike many other games in its genre, s much easier to get and keep. You don't have to spend Facebook credits in order to get more energy. When you cut up weeds, trees, thorns and rocks, you earn smurfberries, which you can use to buy more energy. So before you close your browser window because you have run out of energy, go to your shop and buy more energy using smurfberries. Be careful, though - don't buy more energy when you're close to leveling up, because you regain all of your energy when you gain levels, which would make any energy power up a waste of smurfberries.


The Smurfs & Co Weed

When you clear out weeds, don't clear out the weeds near the coastline which are on top of tall grass. You can't build any buildings on top of tall grass, but you can build on top of the light green main areas, so make those your main focus until you either have more building space than you know what to do with, or you have all kinds of excess energy and no use for it, and just want some brush and rocks to destroy.


The Smurfs & Co Buidling

The fastest way to gain experience is by building and completing new buildings, but oftentimes resources are a limiting factor, and the lack of resources can leave your smurf town filled with a bunch of incomplete buildings, because you don't have the resources left to finish the buildings. For a safe bet, though, your best bet is ALWAYS to build a Tiny Smurf Hut, which is very easy to build and finish. It only costs 500 coins to build, and the only resource that you need to finish the building is a Bundle of Sticks, and those are plentiful, because they very frequently appear when you chop down trees and weeds. They only take 2 energy to complete, too. This is also a very quick way to increase your smurf happiness, since only complete, stocked-up buildings increase smurf happiness.

Completed, stocked-up buildings will make you money too, so the more buildings you have completed, the more money you will make even when you aren't playing the game. Each time you supply a building, it will earn you more and more coins when the smurfs in your village go there, until your supplies run out, so the more buildings you have, the more money you make. You will even make money even when you're not signed into Facebook or actively playing The Smurfs & Co. The higher your happiness is, the more smurfs will be in your village, and the more smurfs are in your village, the faster your buildings will make money, so completing new buildings works for you in more ways than one.

In order to get a free Outdoor Cinema in The Smurfs & Co, simply "like" The Smurfs movie, and you will have an Outdoor Cinema appear in your stash. Go to your stash and find it under "workshops" and you'll be able to place it in your town, without having to use any energy or resources to complete it. This is the easiest way in the entire game to earn free happiness and money.

Hefty's Gym is an easy building to complete once it's build, too, because despite being more expensive and requiring more energy to build, it only takes 3 blue gems to complete. To earn more blue gyms, simply smash rocks - blue gems are plentiful inside common rocks. Use these buildings to increase your happiness and make more money as well.

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