The Agency: Covert Ops: Team Up With Premier International Super Agents

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The Agency: Covert Ops

Want to travel to the world's most exotic locations, get your hands on top-secret cutting edge technology, and team up with premier international super agents? Well, you came to the right place. There's only one catch, if you're not careful then you might just end up on the wrong end of a sniper rifle.

Avatar Customization
To be a top agent you've got to dress to kill, literally. Customize your avatar with the latest in designer fashion, deck yourself out in industrial battle gear, or just hang out in your bathing suit. Pick from hundreds of different combinations to create a truly unique style. Bored with your look? Shop the Marketplace for a wardrobe upgrade.

The Agency: Covert Ops
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Complete assignments by testing your skills across several fun and unique mini-games. A successful agent will need to crack safes, decrypt messages, find hidden objects, and defuse bombs. Each mini-game brings new depth and variety to your life as an agent.

The Agency: Covert Ops
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Being an agent isn't all white sand beaches and apple martinis. When business calls, you're sure to encounter a new breed of supervillains and murderous henchmen who want nothing more than to see your Agency in ashes. Work alone or get a little help from your friends and fellow operatives. Stay sharp, and don't blow your cover, because in this game one false move and you'll be pushing daisies. The life of an agent is a dangerous one, but it sure beats flipping burgers... wouldn't you say?

HQ Customization
Build a headquarters that your friends will envy. Show off your trophies from deadly assignments in distant lands Make a statement by customizing your headquarters with a wide array of designer furniture, sleek electronics, and the latest security devices. Each headquarter is completely customizable. Visit your friends' headquarters for ideas and get bonus items when visiting them for the first time.



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