The Ville Guide: How to Make Coins

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In this guide, we will go over all the concepts and methods for you on how to get more coins in The Ville. With more The Ville coins in your stash, you will be able to purchase more home decors, grow more farms, and increase happiness and relationship status with your The Ville friends faster.

Jobs and Productivity for Coins

The best way on how to get more coins in The Ville is flat out jobs. In general, by selecting the jobs that require the most time and happiness, you will earn the more The Ville coins through these jobs. Early on in the game, your primary focus is to purchase all of the productivity home items as soon as you can. Then earn the happiness points required to take on the hardest and longest jobs possible for you. With all of the productivity items purchased and staffed, you can earn The Ville coins faster than all of your friends.

Happiness as Jobs Resource

Happiness is another important because they are the material necessary to take on the jobs. Based on your The Ville personality, you will have different methods of obtaining Happiness fast. Your primary goal to earn as much coin as possible is by doing the actions that grant you the most happiness. Because of such, I personally like the The Ville personality of partier because you can boost the relationship status at the same time.

Level Up for Coin Gain

As you achieve level up in The Ville, you will earn small amount of coins based on the level that you are in. However the amount of coins that you can make via level up is relatively small.

Selling The Ville Inventory Items

You can make more coins by checking and selling your inventory items. However, if you have purchased any of the Ville items, you will only get about 1/3 of the coins back when you sell back. Thus, to really conserve and save The Ville coins, you need to be careful and think twice about the items that you wish to buy in the game.

Interactions with The Ville Household Items

You can earn various amount of Happiness plus coins when you interact with the items. In general, you will earn more coins as well as happiness when you interact with higher level and more expensive items. It is to your best benefit to purchase high end items towards mid and end game to get the most of your item interactions. It should be noted again that based on your personality choice, you should invest in the items of their strengths to gain even more The Ville happiness scores through interaction.

The Ville Neighbor Friend Gift Exchanges

When you are playing through the game, you will be able to visit neighbors and your Facebook and Zynga friends have the option to send you a gift. You can earn some little The Ville coins through this exchange.

Daily Gifts

In one of the daily gift bonus, you will be awarded with some The Ville coins for logging into the game and collecting the reward.

Facebook Feeds

You can make and get some more The Ville coins by visiting feeds on your friends walls. However, this method for how to get The Ville coins can be time consuming because you will have to scan through your neighbor's posts and collecting them manually.

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