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The Crafting System enables you to take items in game and combine them together to create something new and exciting.

How to Craft:

There are several types of Crafting, and they can be activated by clicking on the various Homehold appliances such as the CookStar Range, CookStar Mix Master and more.

To begin Crafting, hover over the appliance (in this case the CookStar Range):

The Ville Crafting

Then click on it and you will see the following dialog:

The Ville

Each recipe has the items required to be able to begin crafting the new item.  Also make sure to note the amount of time specific to the left of the Recipe's name.  If you have all the necessary items the dialog will appear as the following:

Click on "Make" and then the process will begin.  A timer will be above indicating how much longer until you are able to collect your newly crafted item:

Once the item is ready, you will see the icon for the new crafted item above:

Simply hover over and click on the appliance and your newly crafted item will drop for you to collect.

Eating Crafted Food

After your food is done, click on your Inventory.

To find the Food you Crafted, go to your Inventory then click on the Productivity Icon followed by the Crafting Tab:

Once you have placed the Blueberry Pancakes, you can click the Pancakes to have the action menu pop up.

If you select the "Eat Together" option, you will notice the Neighbor's visiting your Home will illuminate in Green:

Hover over to see the green hand and click.  Seconds later you will be enjoying a delicious meal together.


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