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The guide will tell you some information about Greenhouse in the Ville. Let us know details about them.

By Brandy Shaul From

Apparently, Ethan has a mighty crush on Casey and wants to grow a special flower for her. He needs your help, and you'll need to build a Greenhouse to get started. Here with a guide to completing these Greenhouse quests, so let's get started!

The Ville Greenhouse

The Special Gift

  • Place the Ultimate Greenhouse
  • Read Gardening 101 Twice
  • Ask Ethan About the Next Steps

You can only read the Gardening book once every eight hours, but luckily, you can also visit your friends' houses and read the book there, saving you time. When you finish this first quest, you'll receive 75 coins and 2 XP.

Stop and Smell the Roses

  • Study 2 Violet Roses at Casey's House
  • Study 2 Orange Tulips at Casey's House
  • Build the Ultimate Greenhouse

The Ultimate Greenhouse requires friends to "staff," rather than building materials, so you'll need to ask six of your neighbors to help you out. Meanwhile, the flower tasks are just as they are described. A new option will be available for you to "study" the four flowers at Casey's house the next time you visit. You'll receive another 75 coins and 2 XP for completing this quest.

The Casey Rose

  • Buy 3 Roses
  • Collect Standard Rose Seeds
  • Collect 6 Fertilizer

You'll need to bloom red, white, yellow, pink or violet roses to receive seeds, and can ask your friends to send you Fertilizer to finish off this quest. You'll receive 125 coins and 5 XP for completing it.

Drumroll, Please...

  • Create a Hybrid Rose
  • Grow the Hybrid Rose
  • Present the Hybrid Rose to Casey

You'll be able to create the Hybrid Rose in your Greenhouse, and can then click on the flower until it finally blooms. You'll receive two XP, 75 coins and the Everbloom Purple Rose for completing this quest.

Mulcher Madness

  • Build the Power Mulcher
  • Collect 8 Mulcher Manual Pages
  • Get Mulching Tips from Ethan

The Power Mulcher is purchased in the store, under the store's "outdoors" section. You'll be able to earn the Mulcher Manual Pages by posting a general request on your wall for all of your neighbors to see. Finishing this quest rewards you with 125 coins and 5 XP.

Tulips: the New Rose!

  • Use the Power Mulcher 4 Times
  • Create a Hybrid Tulip
  • Grow the Hybrid Tulip

Rewards: 125 coins, 5 XP

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

  • Invite Over Casey
  • Discuss Flowers with Casey
  • Present the Hybrid Tulip to Casey

Rewards: 75 coins, 2 XP

Back to the Drawing Board

  • Discuss Casey with Ethan
  • Research Rare Plants
  • Discuss Casey with Madison

To research Rare Plants, you'll need to once again click on bookshelves, either in your own home or in a neighbor's. When you complete this simple quest, you'll receive an Everbloom Blue Tulip, 75 coins and 2 XP.

Third Time's a Charm

  • Build the Tropic 100 Humidifier
  • Collect 8 Premium Tiger Lily Seeds
  • Move 4 Items Around in Your Yard

The Tropic 100 Humidifier can be purchased for 2,250 coins in the game's store. Meanwhile, you'll need to either mulch plants or bloom blue, striped, multi-colored or ultimate tiger lilies to collect Premium Tiger Lily Seeds. You'll receive 200 coins and 10 XP when you complete this quest.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

  • Create the Ultimate Tiger Lily
  • Grow the Ultimate Tiger Lily
  • Help Ethan Plan His Romantic Evening

To help Ethan, you'll simply need to click on him and choose the new dialog option about "Planning the Romantic Evening." You'll earn 75 coins and five XP for finishing this quest.

Setting the Mood

  • Have a Wine Rack
  • Place a Romantic Candle
  • Place Passion Bouquet

The Wine Rack can be purchased in the store, while the Romantic Candle and Passion Bouquet can be crafted in the Craft Arts Table and Crafty Gardening Table, respectively.

Damage Control

  • Make Small Talk with Casey Twice
  • Present Ultimate Tiger Lily to Casey
  • Call Ethan

Rewards: Everbloom Striped Tiger Lily, 2 XP, 75 coins

Apparently, even after all of this work, Ethan still won't be able to build up the nerve to tell Casey how he feels.



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