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Now puppies have already released in the Ville.

By Brandy Shaul From

The "dog days" of summer are here, as puppies have officially launched in the Ville! You knew this feature was coming for a short time, but the final product will see you completing a bit more work than you initially anticipated. The next time you login to your game, you'll be greeted with a new quest series and the ability to build a Doghouse in your yard. Here's a complete look at this feature, starting with these quests!

The Ville Puppies

Emergency at Casey's!

  • Collect 8 Puppy Food
  • Vist Casey and Ask About Her Puppy
  • Place Your Doghouse

The Puppy Food is earned by sending out individual requests to your friends, or by earning it at random when searching through cabinets. Save a few of those daily gift requests though, as you'll need them to finish building the Dog House. Specifically, you'll need 10 Wood, five Hugs, eight Screwdrivers, four Paint Cans and one Dog Pillow to finish it off, but you technically only have to place the base of the Doghouse to finish this quest. You'll earn two XP and 35 coins for doing so.

Prepping for Puppy

  • Ask 4 Neighbors for Puppy Advice
  • Buy 2 Trees
  • Build the Dog House

You'll need to collect items like Paint Cans and Wood Planks to build the Doghouse, with Wood Logs coming from individual requests to friends and Paint Cans coming from and individual post on your wall. Finally, the Dog Pillow, which is also required for the Doghouse, is earned by sending out a "mail order" for the item from your Mailbox. The order itself requires ingredients, as you'll need to spend five Knowledge, four Ribbon and five Spools of Thread to order it. It will then take 30 minutes to arrive. For completing this quest, you'll earn two XP and 35 coins.



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