The Ville Guide: the Caribbean Cool Item

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Watch! Now you can decorate your place with the Carribean Cool item theme. They will be displayed in the store for the next 10 days.

By Brandy Shaul From

The Caribbean Cool item theme has been updated one final time in The Ville, giving you a chance to fill even more of your home will items in a tropical, summer theme. There are a few new pages of content available to purchase, and as usual, here with a complete look at the newly released items for your reference.

Calypso Living Chair

  • Costs: 350 coins
  • Home Value: $385
  • Pays Out: 50 Happiness

Sun Worshiper Towels

  • Costs: 5 Ville Cash
  • Home Value: $2,200
  • Pays Out: 50 coins, 16 Happiness

Super Surf Rider

  • Costs: 43 Ville Cash
  • Home Value: $8,800
  • Pays Out: 125 coins, 28 Happiness

Paradise Beach Bar

  • Costs: 12,500 coins
  • Home Value: $13,750
  • Pays Out: 75 coins, 20 Happiness

Sea Turtle Migration

  • Costs: 3 Ville Cash
  • Home Value: $1,650

Tropical Fruit Drinks

  • Costs: 975 coins
  • Home Value: $1,075

Caribbean Cooler

  • Costs: 1,100 coins
  • Home Value: $1,210

Beach Box Radio

  • Costs: 1,175 coins
  • Home Value: $1,295
  • Pays Out: 50 coins, 16 Happiness

The Ville Caribbean Cool Item

Bird of Paradise Plant

  • Costs: 1,300 coins
  • Home Value: $1,430
  • Pays Out: 75 coins

Seashell Collection

  • Costs: 325 coins
  • Home Value: $360

Starfish Centerpiece

  • Costs: 475 coins
  • Home Value: $525

Sunset Beach Towels

  • Costs: 500 coins
  • Home Value: $550

Vertical Divider

  • Costs: 600 coins
  • Home Value: $660

Ultimate Hanging Starfish

  • Costs: 700 coins
  • Home Value: $770

Authentic Palm Frond Rug

  • Costs: 2,000 coins
  • Home Value: $2,200

The Ville Caribbean Cool Item

These items will only be available in the game's store for the next 10 days, while other Caribbean Cool items will expire much quicker than that. You'll probably need to play the game pretty regularly to earn all of the coins necessary to purchase the items you're interested in. Wish you luck in earning enough to have them all!



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