Tiki Resort Guide: Some FAQs for Newbie

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Tiki Resort

Manage your own island paradise in Tiki Resort! Build exciting attractions and place colorful decorations while maintaining the happiness of your island visitors. Are you up for the exciting challenge of managing your own Tiki Resort? Find out now! Here are some faqs for you. Check below.

Newbie FAQs

From Official Site

What's the difference between a attraction and a decoration?
Tourists pay shells each time they visit an attraction, whereas they do not pay to look at decorations. Also, attractions are upgradeable and decorations are not.

How many attractions can I have?
The number of attractions you can have depends on level and neighbors. Level up and get more neighbors for maximum number of building slots. Limited quantity buildings do not count against your building slots, so you can buy as many as you'd like.

How do I expand my island?
Currently there is no expansion feature – however you can add a second island to your account by clicking the MAP icon in the lower left and buying the new island shown there.

Can I move attractions or items from one island to the other?
No, there is currently no way to share supplies between islands. This applies to gifts as well – the island you are on when you use your gift is the island it will stay on.

How can I get my attractions to earn more shells quickly?
The speed of money collection depends on a variety of factors. Relative distance to other attractions/transportation, happiness and number of tourists, decorations, charms, and types of attractions all affect the rate at which tourists spend money. Please see the forums for more discussion on how to get the most productive and efficient resort:

How do I earn charms?
Pineapple, coconut drinks, and lei charms can all be earned by upgrading certain buildings (their shop image indicates which attractions do this). Other Tiki charms can be sent for free as gifts, or bought in the shop.

Why should I get neighbors?
Neighbors are awesome! Each day, visit their island for a daily bonus and pick up their trash for even more shells.

Neighbors will also send you free gifts that you can use to increase the value of your island and attractions.

Finally, some upgrades require a certain number of neighbors in order to unlock. However you can always use Facebook credits to get around that if you don’t want to add neighbors.

Tiki Resort
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