Top Eleven Football Manager FAQ

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Top Eleven Football Manager

This Top Eleven Football Manager FAQ will be updated and expanded on the official forum as necessary. Check details and find what you need here.

Top Eleven Football Manager FAQ

By the zed on official forum
2. I couldn't join the game. After "Less then a minute" message, the game was already finished. The result was 3-0
This game was finished with official result 3-0, because the opponent didn't have enough players for the match.

3. When i open the Transfer list all the players just disappear
If your Transfer list is empty you need to check your System clock. Check everything: Time, day, month, year and Timezone.

5. I am Level 1 and I am playing in League level 2
System is generating the leagues automatically trying to group friends and considering their levels. It is impossible to that all the leagues will have exactly 14 teams of same level, so it can happen that somebody from lower level will fill the empty space in higher level league.

7. My players lost one star
You made a progress, and you are now playing in better league. The quality of your players is the same, they just lost one star because the competition in this league is bigger (better)!

11. Injured players?
As far as player injuries, the game started with injury statistics from Premier League, a lot of people have complained and since then that number has been reduced by 3 times.
Also, injuries at training do depend on the age of players, the older they are the more likely they are to get injured.

14. Player morale is always low?
Some players are harder to motivate then others.
Until we create options that you can buy cars and houses for them , the advice is still, use "Win Bonuses" and play friendlies.

15. My account is in the minus. What now?
Each user can have minus on his/hers account. This can be understood like a credit. After getting into minus, you have 7 days to make your account balance positive. If you don't, system will sell your players starting from the best one. The sell-off will start after seven (7) continuos days your account has been in the minus. One player every day will be sold, until you come out of minus.

18. Contract extensions !!!
You are going to be reminded to extend your contracts with players at least once during the season. This usually happens at the beginning of each new season.
When your players are showing "1 year remaining" of their contract, that means they are already in the last year of the contract. You should extend the contracts during the same season.
It does not mean that there is 1 (one) more year after the current one until their contract expires.

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