Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy Walkthrough

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Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

By Martijn Mueller From Gamezebo

Producing Resources

In order to run a successful military base, you need resources, and as in any post-apocalyptic setting, you need them bad! In Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy, there are three resources that you can gather, which you use for running the place.

In order to see how many resources you have, and how many resources are produced, you can check the statistics in the top left corner of the screen. While somewhat vaguely described, the “increase” number is the amount of resources you are currently receiving every hour. You will want to try and produce approximately the same amount of each of the resources to grow your base most effectively.

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Uranium is produced in uranium mines, which you can place wherever you want in your base. While uranium is needed for producing or upgrading everything, it is mostly used for training defensive troops.

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Titanium is produced in titanium mines, which can only be placed over the titanium fields. While titanium is needed for producing or upgrading everything, it is mostly used for training offensive troops.

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Credits are earned by gathering taxes, which are collected by vaults. While credits are needed for producing or upgrading everything, it is mostly used for maintaining the troops on the parade ground.

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Around the outskirts of your base, at items you can pick up droppings of 20 extra resources. Look around regularly for a little extra help in your campaign.

Crystals are special resources, which can be are mainly used for training elite troops, purchasing special items at the black market or building your base's defenses. Elite troops require less resources to train, and less credits to maintain. While crystals are not regularly produced like the other resources, they can be earned by daily visiting your base, completing missions, or buying extra crystals with Facebook credits.

Combat Preparation

No war has ever been won without soldiers fighting for their cause, and that is no different in Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy. To train soldiers, visit the barracks and indicate how many of which troops you want to train.

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

To unlock more troops, you will need to buy certain buildings, but the most important key to more advanced troops is researching new technology. By upgrading technology, you will improve the skills of your troops. In order to research technology, you need modules, which you can get from your scientists every day, or by requesting them from an ally.

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Troops can be used both in attacking other bases, or in defending your own base. However, each type of troop is specialized in either their offensive side or their defensive side, so choose wisely which troops you train for which situations.

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

When you start poking around on other people's bases however, you will attract their attention and risk having your base attacked. Besides leaving behind defensive troops in such a case, build defensive structures around your base, such as a wall, towers, gates and gun turrets.

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

By having recon drones on your base, as well as building sensors on your defensive perimeter, you can increase your intelligence defense bonus. The higher your base's intelligence defense bonus, the harder it is for other players to recon your sector. Without good recon, it is hard for enemies to come well-prepared and launch a good attack, increasing the chances of successful defending your base.

Fnding Other Players

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

After years of war, the united world empire has been divided into thousands of sectors locked in a struggle for resources and power. It is a big world out there, though, and sometimes it can be quite difficult to find other players you can fight with; often, they are either too low a level, or way too strong for you. You can always ask your allies to keep an eye out for players that are within your level-range, and simply enter their coordinates in the map. If your allies can't help you, try randomly entering a set of coordinates to easily search around a new part of the map.

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