Treasure Isle: Zynga's Newest Facebook Game

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Treasure Isle

Become the most famous adventurer in the world! In Treasure Isle, you dig for rare and valuable treasure with your friends. Earn money, explore strange places, and decorate your very own island as you explore the world of Treasure Isle.

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Treasure Isle is like an adventure game. You're a treasure hunter and you dig islands to find treasures. And when you find more treasures, you'll unlock new islands to dig, more items to buy and more features to unlock. Treasure Isle is an exciting new game to try on Facebook.

Treasure Isle Gameplay
The first thing you need to do on Treasure Isle is to create your character. The character creation on Treasure Isle is very simple. You can also customize it just like in FarmVille.

Then, you'll be brought to a small island to practice your treasure hunting skills. You'll find many treasures there.

After digging all spots of the island, you'll get a pass to the another island. Easy right?

Treasure Isle Screenshots
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Treasure Isle Energy Cheat
In Treasure Isle, you need energy to keep your character alive. And you can regain your energy by eating fruits. So, in playing Treasure Isle, you need to be very careful on eating fruits. Meaning, you need to eat fruits wisely.

Another way to regain your energy on Treasure Isle is to have Energy Packs which can only be received from your friends as a gift and only one per day. You can also regain your energy by simply leveling up in the game.

Treasure Isle Screenshots
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Treasure Isle Tips
* Always inform yourself on the stats of your character (energy level, XP points and more)
* Always visit your friends and dig with them.
* Eat your fruit wisely

Treasure Isle Screenshots



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