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Triple Town

Triple Town is a popular puzzle game on Facebook! Have you ever met any difficulties when playing it? Check this guide, you will gain much!

By Joshuatly Tee From Tickade

If you need to know what's the next big thing in Facebook Game world, then let me tell you, Triple Town is definitely on the list. It's the most addictive game out there, the game can be pretty easy to start with, but it need real skills and thinking if you want to score some serious points and climb up the leaderboard.

Triple Town started as a Kindle Active App, and then recently being released on Google+ Games, and Facebook Games. It's a match three game with a twist, not just brain-dead clicking everywhere hoping to get a match, but require serious planning and you will build your town at the end of the game.

I have some tips and strategies to share with you.

Triple Town Evolution Map

Triple Town

Triple Town

Triple Town

Hut Management

Since it is a match three game, after matching the three you will get a higher level product. But where will the product be placed on the map? Is that the place you want it to be?
Note that it will always ended up on the place that you last put your grass/bush at. It will be quite easy when you start, but when come to your last hut placement and further up, do take note since its easy to mess up and got your hut or whatever place at the wrong place.
Simple example illustrate with these picture below.

Triple Town

Triple Town

Triple Town

Triple Town

Build your house/town at the middle of the map

Avoid building your town at the edge since it is easier to manage and build your third match in the middle.

Make similar things close to each other

Group your huts together, group your churches & cathedrals together, try not to mix them up. You'll be good by then. This will increase the chance of matching the three churches or huts to create a higher level product.

Who Let The Bears Out?

Manage your bears. Don't let them run all over your map. The most recommended way to manage your bears is to separate them with easily removable fences of grasses or bush.
Another way to manage your bears is to nuke them with bots when you have them. Sometimes one bot can nuke several bots. But its recommended to use bots on ninja bears. And wait till they move to the place you want or places that are out of your way before you nuke any ninja bears.

Clean up your map

Use bots to remove cathedrals, or anything that will free up most space. The free space is more useful than the coins you get from combining 3 cathedrals. Remember surviving as long as possible is the key.
Leaving one or two spaces surrounded with house, castle or cathedrals is not doing you any good since you wont be able to make use of them. Make space for your "future" when its possible.

Collect the treasure chest

Three rocks or three cathedrals will give you a treasure chest. Open them for some sweet sweet coin!
Oh by the way, three rock create mountains, and you use a bot on the mountains to get you a treasure chest and 1000 points! For those who don't know where do you get rock? You get a rock when you place a crystal on a place there will be no three matches.

Save it if you don't have better use of them now

Save crystals, huts, trees, bots bushes in that order if there are no good moves with them.

What to buy in game?

The game have limited moves and depends on what you want, I wouldn’t recommend you spending your coins on buying moves. Save them for something more useful like a "life saving" tree, bush, bots or even crystal. It is not worth it if you saw you have one more pair before you become the first high score in the leaderboard, but you've just spent all your coins on extra moves. Survival is the key of scoring most for this game!

When to buy in game?

Buy grass and bushes if you have two pieces you want to save until a turn 1 move ahead or so.
There are situations that you are having two pieces that you want, one on hand and one on the tray, and you don't want to spend them immediately. The best way to do is to buy a grass or bushes to buy you move to plan for your future moves.

Point Breakdown

Understanding this allow you to optimize your points and know how and when to play to get high score.
An asterisk (*) after an object denotes its "special" version, after matching at least 4 of its predecessor to make it.


Result Points

1 Bear



1 Grass



1 Bush



3 Grass



4 Grass



5 Grass



3 Bushes



2 Bushes, 1 Bush*



3 Grass, 2 Bushes



5 Grass, 2 Bushes



3 Grass, 2 Bushes*



3 Trees



2 Bushes, 2 Trees



3 Grass, 1 Bush*, 1 Bush, 2 Trees



3 Huts



3 Bears



4 Bears



5 Bears



11 Bears



3 Churches




  • Matching 4 of something is ideal; more than 4 gives minuscule point differences and less than 4 is far less points
  • Completing something with a crystal gives you the points as if it were whatever you're using it to match with
  • Trapping 4 bears gives you the same amount of points as matching 3 huts
  • Trapping 4 bears gives you twice as many points as trapping 3 bears

Item distribution

David de Kloet had done an analysis where he manually logged what he got every turn in Triple Town and handed over a 6390-turn log. And again Andrew Brown sum it up for us.

Grass occurred 4193 times (60.505%)
Bush occurred 1070 times (15.440%)
Bear occurred 1044 times (15.065%)
Bot occurred 176 times (2.540%)
Crystal occurred 168 times (2.424%)
Tree occurred 136 times (1.962%)
Ninja occurred 99 times (1.429%)
Hut occurred 44 times (0.635%)

Hopefully the informations and tips above can help you improve your game play.



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